Delicious, substantial salads that make for a meal in of themselves, or a tasty and nutritious side dish. Here you'll find drool-worthy salads, including Kale Tabbouleh Salad, Watermelon and Feta Salad with Mint, and even a Breakfast Salad with Quinoa and Walnuts. No boring salads here!

Spicy Tofu Grain Bowls with Roasted Sweet Potatoes

These Spicy Tofu Grain Bowls are a healthy vegetarian option that’s easy to fit in your meal prep plan. Made with wild rice, roasted sweet potatoes, and kale, plus a game-changing tofu technique that doesn’t require any pressing! These grain bowls are great to serve as a main dish, side dish, or even for packed lunch. 

spring living lentil bowls

Spring Living Lentil Bowls – a light yet substantial gluten-free and easily vegan meal bowl featuring beluga lentils, spring asparagus, pan-fried halloumi cheese, avocado, pea shoots, and seeds. All of the components can be prepared in advance for a quick and easy meal. 

cheater caesar salad – and some news

A quick and easy fish-free Caesar dressing for when you need a Caesar salad Right. Now. Gosh, it’s been a while! I want to thank you all so much for your patience while I’ve been on hiatus, and for all of the very kind comments, emails, and messages you sent in response to me taking… 

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a light lunch bowl – napa cabbage slaw with chickpeas

A fresh and light lunch bowl with shredded napa cabbage, parsley, and chickpeas. I put up our blackout blinds last weekend. And by blackout blinds I of course mean the dark brown fitted sheet we hang over our bedroom window during the summer months. Our apartment, quite bafflingly, is fitted with black blinds in every… 

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kale caesar salad with roasted chickpeas

A vegetarian (egg and fish free) caesar dressing is tossed with Tuscan kale and roasted chickpea ‘croutons’ for an exceptionally good kale caesar salad. Perfect for make-ahead meals.  Over the weekend, I had some very grown-up moments. My income tax statement arrived, and unlike my many years of being a student and getting happy refunds,… 

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Asian {veggie} noodle salad

An Asian-inspired vegetable noodle salad with tofu. Vegan, gluten-free, and super quick and easy, this makes a great light lunch. During the week my husband and I eat in a very routine way. If you’re a regular reader, you already know that, and you might even know that because today is Monday I’m going to be… 

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winter citrus breakfast salad with quinoa and toasted walnuts

Tangy grapefruit and blood oranges are paired with peppery arugula, tiny pearls of quinoa, creamy avocado, and crunchy walnuts for an easy, healthy, and delicious breakfast salad. Winter, it seems, is a time of year many of which many of us would rather sped by, transporting us forward to longer days and balmier weather. I,… 

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savoy slaw with smoked tofu

A sturdy slaw with savoy cabbage, carrot, apple, caramelized shallots and smoked tofu. It’ll last the week in your fridge and makes for great packed lunches.  I can never remember whether or not I’ve locked the door. Many mornings I’m suddenly seized with panic when I’m a block or two from home and have to turn… 

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roasted cauliflower and white bean salad

This hearty vegan roasted cauliflower salad with cannellini beans, chewy kamut, and toasted pine nuts is great warm or cold. I bought a Christmas tree on the weekend. A tiny, squat, and somewhat ridiculous looking tree. I personally would have gone for something tall and lush, even though we’re going away in just 10 days,… 

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sweet potato, lentil, and kale salad with chipotle lime dressing

I have SFBPD (seasonal food blogger photo disorder). Stockholm is way the heck up north. Not quite in the arctic circle, but we’re kissing it. For perspective, we’re just a smidge further north than Juneau Alaska. At this time of year taking photos for the blog becomes a real challenge. Photographing anything after work is… 

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mediterranean chickpea salad

For many years I thought that I didn’t like Greek salad. Too salty! Too oniony! Too briny! Swimming in dressing! Fortunately I came to the realization that I’d been eating crappy Greek salads and totally changed my tune. Over the course of my MSc program in nutrition, my cohort of international nutritionists hosted many potluck… 

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breakfast salad {with maple coconut bacon}

You know what I was thinking the other day? We make green smoothies all the dang time, but why aren’t we eating breakfast salads? I mean, breakfast salad! Toss up some greens and some fruit and some veg if you please, and you’ve basically got a deconstructed green smoothie. I pretty much thought I had come… 

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bodacious burger bowl

I’m quite fond of a good salad meal. The kind of meal where the salad is the star of of the show, not a sad little side vying for attention. You know what I’m talking about – it usually comes in a bowl the size of your head, and is filled to the brim with all kinds… 

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kale salad with quinoa and smoked feta

A delicious kale salad with quinoa, dried cranberries, smoked feta, and sunflower seeds. Hearty and filling, this kale salad is a real crowd pleaser. When we first moved overseas, nearly four years ago now, every time we flew back to Stockholm from Vancouver I would pack an extra suitcase, filled to the brim with foodstuffs…. 

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grapefruit and avocado salad

Sometimes simple is best. This is a lesson I learn over and over, both in life and in the kitchen. There were so many good reminders that simple = good on our recent weekend in Rome; if you put a just a few good-quality ingredients together, magic happens. A few weeks back when I posted this grapefruit… 

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grapefruit and fennel salad

I have this notebook. It’s old and ratty, butter stained, and filled with the years of this blog. The things I’ve made, the things I want to make, recipes, notes, and post ideas. Sometimes, more often than I’d like, the season gets past me before I manage to post a recipe. My grandmother’s applesauce cake,… 

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