about Katie

Welcome to Hey Nutrition Lady!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Katie and I’m the Nutrition Lady! I’m a university-trained nutritionist with a Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition, and Health and Master of Science in Nutrition. I’m passionate about real food, a champion of body positivity and intuitive eating, and a meal-planning lunch-packing whiz.

My mission on Hey Nutrition Lady is to lean in on my science background and use critical thinking to help sift through the enormous amount of misinformation and pseudoscience when it comes to nutrition, to help you make informed decisions about what to eat in order to become your healthiest and happiest selves.

I’m a lover of cheese, a hater of mushrooms (the bane of my existence as a vegetarian), and a green smoothie aficionado. I make my own pasta, from scratch, but I see equal value in feeding my family boxed macaroni and cheese from time to time.

I currently live in Stockholm, Sweden, with my husband, Paul, and our little boy, Niko. Life sometimes takes me back to Vancouver, Canada, where I was born and raised. 

I can be contacted by email at katie@heynutritionlady.com

You can also find me as the nutrition contributor on Hello Glow and Hello Veggie.



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