breakfast salad {with maple coconut bacon}

breakfast salad with maple coconut bacon // the muffin myth

You know what I was thinking the other day? We make green smoothies all the dang time, but why aren’t we eating breakfast salads? I mean, breakfast salad! Toss up some greens and some fruit and some veg if you please, and you’ve basically got a deconstructed green smoothie. I pretty much thought I had come up with something of epic genius.

And then I googled ‘breakfast salad’.

Let’s just say there’s nothing like google to burst your ‘I’m such a genius’ bubble.

breakfast salad with maple coconut bacon // the muffin myth

But let’s talk about breakfast salads. If you read this post breaking down the pros and cons of smoothies, you may recall that liquids clear your stomach about four times faster than solid foods. That can be a good thing if you want to fuel a workout and don’t want a bunch of food sloshing around in your belly, but it can also be a bad thing if you become hungry again too quickly. Some mornings a green smoothie is the perfect thing for me, but others I want to chew my food and let my belly do some work. Remember, your digestive system relies on muscle tone, and like with any muscle if you don’t use it, you lose it.

breakfast salad with maple coconut bacon // the muffin myth

Other things that are great about a breakfast salad? We’re taking in whole foods which means that all of the beneficial fiber is intact. AND, since we’re combining fruit with leafy greens we’re adding extra fiber to the situation which helps to moderate the absorption of fructose into our blood stream.

Also, you can’t add coconut bacon to your green smoothies. I mean, you *could*, but that would be super weird… or would it?

MM_Know_Icon_FINALSpinach is an excellent source vitamin K, magnesium, manganese, and calcium (good for your bones), folate, potassium, and vitamin B6 (good for your heart), iron, vitamin B2, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. And, spinach is a great source of dietary fiber.

Strawberries are an excellent source of antioxidant and anti inflammatory nutrients. They are a great source of lycopene (good for your prostates, fellas) vitamin C and manganese. They are also a very good source of folate, iodine, and dietary fiber.

breakfast salad with maple coconut bacon // the muffin myth

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breakfast salad with maple coconut bacon // the muffin myth
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breakfast salad {with maple coconut bacon}

Like so many recipes, breakfast salad is a choose your own adventure situation. Use whatever greens you've got on hand, in-season fruit, and mix things up often! I don't like salad dressing, and I think with all of the fruit adding flavour you don't really need it here. A squeeze of lemon or orange juice should do the trick if you're so inclined.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1
Author Katie Trant


  • 1-2 cups of leafy greens I used baby spinach leaves
  • 1/2 cup chopped cucumber
  • 1/2 a banana sliced
  • 6 large strawberries sliced
  • 1/2 an orange sliced
  • 1 Tbsp hemp hearts
  • Maple Coconut Bacon


  • Arrange the greens on a plate.
  • Scatter with cucumber, banana, strawberries, and orange slices.
  • Sprinkle with hemp hearts, and top with coconut bacon. Enjoy!



  1. Anna says

    Love this idea! I’ve been meaning to try coconut bacon for a while and I finally bought coconut flakes. I actually don’t like sweet breakfast foods so I often eat weird things for breakfast.

    Speaking of Google bursting your bubble- a few months ago I was making zucchini bread and spaghetti sauce simultaneously. I had a bit of shredded zucchini left over and munched on it with some of the sauce. I thought I was a genius! It tasted so much like pasta! Then I googled zucchini pasta and, well, you get the idea. I can’t be annoyed thou because I promply bought my new favorite toy- the spiralizer!

    • Katie Trant says

      Haha, way to burst your bubble, google! I really need to use my spiralizer more often. I love making zucchini or carrot noodles with it (I’ve got a great no-noodle pad Thai stirfry recipe, yum!) but I have an irrational hate for the word zoodles! Anyways, yes, try coconut bacon! It’s the best. And breakfast salads are awesome. Like a smoothie you can chew!

  2. kellie anderson says

    Google is always bursting my bubble! I think loads of my night thoughts are dead-genius at 3 am but a quick noodle on the Interwebs proves that mainly there are a lot of kindred spirits out there! Love this use of coconut bacon – perfect any time of day but tis is pretty awesome to eat salad for breakfast. 🙂

    • themuffinmyth says

      You’re right about kindred spirits! You and I are so often in synch when it comes to posting recipes – like this coconut bacon. But isn’t it the best? And yes, it *is* pretty awesome to eat salad for breakfast!

  3. Sandra says

    This is the first I have ever heard about a breakfast salad so you are an epic genius in my eyes 🙂 I think it is a perfect idea and would definitely put some of that maple bacon on there. I can’t wait to give this a try!

  4. Deena Kakaya says

    Breakfast salad, what a super idea! A nice step away from the zillion sugar loaded usuals. And you made the coconut bacon! It looks superb x


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