Spicy Instant Pot Black Beans

Quick and easy No-Soak Instant Pot Black Beans! This recipe takes all of five minutes to prepare and just 25 minutes in the Instant Pot for perfectly cooked spicy black bean ragout. Serve it with tacos, over rice, or as a topping for vegan nachos.

a white bowl of instant pot black beans with some sliced avocados and tomatoes in the background
a woman's arm with a bandage from having a blood test

What’s Good This Week

The kids started back at school this past week, and Odin lasted three full days before getting sent home with a runny nose. That kid and his dang nose, I tell ya.  At this point I’m convinced that he must be allergic to something in or around his school, since his nose doesn’t run at… 

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overhead photo of a bowl of corn chowder topped with corn kernels and with crackers on the side

Vegan Corn Chowder

A delicious and creamy Vegan Corn Chowder Recipe that’s super easy to make and naturally gluten-free. Thickened with potatoes and natural corn starch and made creamy with coconut milk, this recipe is as tasty as it is healthy.

two bowls of kale tabbouleh salad on a grey background

Kale Tabbouleh Salad

This Kale Tabbouleh Salad is a healthy riff on traditional tabbouleh. Kale provides some heft, while chickpeas add protein and complement the bulgur to make this tabbouleh salad a complete meal.

a corner of a child's room with bookshelves and a reading bench

What’s Good This Week

My mom turns 70 tomorrow, and I am devastated to not be there to celebrate with her.  For the record, I missed my dad’s 70th birthday as well, but that was because the day of his birthday and the day I was due to have my first child were one and the same, and so… 

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a lady in a grey sweater holding a green smooothie

Just Between Us

Just between us is when we get together once a month or so and say the things that you think but don’t really say. Or you do say, but only to certain people. I’ll go first, then you share in the comments and everyone will feel a whole lot better. JUST BETWEEN US… 1.  Can… 

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tempeh, onion, garlic, and spices on a grey background

8 Vegan Tempeh Recipes You Should Try

If you’ve been curious about giving tempeh a try but aren’t sure where to start, start here! Here are 8 easy and delicious Vegan Tempeh Recipes to get you started. From Tempeh Bolognese to Tempeh Bacon, you won’t believe how versatile this plant-based protein is!

overhead photo of warm zucchini noodle salad in a blue bowl

Warm Zucchini Noodles with Tomatoes and Halloumi

This Warm Zucchini Noodle Salad with fried halloumi and burst tomatoes is a delicious, low-carb, and healthy alternative to a traditional pasta dish. It’s quick and easy to make, naturally gluten-free, and a great way to get in extra veggies!

two boys in a splash pool

What’s Good This Week

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  After a couple of days back in the city, we got together as a family and headed back out to the archipelagos for a couple of nights at a friend’s summer house. Paul and Niko slept in a tent they pitched… 

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vegetarian frittata with corn and tomatoes on a blue and white plate on a grey background

Vegetarian Frittata with Corn and Tomatoes

This Vegetarian Frittata Recipe features sweet corn and tomatoes with a bit of sharp cheddar for an easy and healthy meal the whole family will love. Naturally low-carb and gluten-free, this healthy vegetarian frittata is perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or make-ahead meals! 

vegetarian lettuce wraps with tempeh on a metal tray with a white tea towel in the background

Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps with Spicy Sesame Tempeh

Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps with Spicy Sesame Tempeh! These crunchy vegan wraps are a healthy twist on a classic recipe, with tempeh for protein, a spicy sesame sauce for bold Asian flavours, and lots of crunch from fresh vegetables. This recipe is as easy as it is delicious!


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