Spicy Vegan Wraps

These Spicy Vegan Wraps are one of my favourite things to make for packed lunch. They’re super easy to make, are packed with healthy fillings like tofu, spicy hummus, quinoa, and lots of vegetables. You can make a big batch on the weekend and eat these hummus wraps all week long!

a vegan wrap on a blue plate
a white square with text that reads "what if rather than saying I'm so naughty instead you said I'm so human?

10 Ways You Can Change The Way You Speak To Be More Body Positive

Let’s talk about the ways we criticise ourselves, our bodies, and the bodies of others. What if we changed our vocabulary so that the way we speak about our bodies, and the food we put in it, is gentle, and compassionate? Here are 10 ways you can change the way you speak to be more body positive.

a bowl of chipotle hummus with a grey tea towel and broken crackers to the side

Chipotle Hummus

This Chipotle Hummus is the spicy hummus recipe you’ve been waiting for! Perfect for healthy snacks, dips, veggies, sandwiches, and wraps, this vegan hummus recipe made with tahini, garlic, and spicy chipotle peppers. A few minutes in your food processor is all it takes to mix this oil free hummus together! 

What’s Good This Week

Tomorrow morning at 7:30am our plumbing is going to be shut off for the final stage of our building’s pipe relining.  Poop bucket; we meet again.  This will be 4 days / 3 nights of no plumbing AT ALL with the exception of running water in our kitchen, which we will have to collect in… 

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overhead photo of double chocolate zucchini bread on a marble cutting board with a small pot of shredded zucchini and chocolate to the side

Healthy Chocolate Zucchini Bread with Quinoa

This Healthy Chocolate Zucchini Bread recipe features an unusual ingredient that makes it incredibly moist – quinoa! It’s easy to make, packed with dark chocolate, and is a healthier spin on chocolate zucchini bread.

22 Vegetarian Lunch Ideas

Get your lunch packing mojo going with these 22 delicious and healthy Vegetarian Lunch Ideas. We’ve got sturdy salads, grain bowls, Buddha bowls, pasta bowls, and other tasty lunch packing inspiration!

adzuki bean brownies with dates and beans scattered around them

Fudgy Adzuki Bean Brownies {Healthy Brownie Recipe}

If you’re looking for a healthy brownie recipe, these Fudgy Adzuki Bean Brownies are just the thing! These gluten free brownies have no sugar other than from dates, and are incredibly easy to make. Made with coconut oil, cocoa powder, and dark chocolate chunks, just whiz them together in your food processor and you’ll have drool-worthy healthy brownies ready in no time at all!

What’s Good This Week

So, this past week was World Breastfeeding Week, and as such, my social feeds were filled with posts by women talking about how much they loved breastfeeding.   How they nursed their kids until they were 2, 3, and even 4 years old. How they persevered through early struggles with nursing, through low supplies and… 

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Tempeh Bacon!!! Smoky, delicious vegan tempeh bacon makes the ultimate tempeh bacon BLT sandwiches // www.heynutritionlady.com

How to Make Tempeh Bacon + Tempeh BLT Sandwiches

This Vegan BLT sandwich is made with homemade tempeh bacon, avocado, crisp lettuce, and juicy tomatoes. It doesn’t get much better than that! Make your own vegan bacon with just a handful of ingredients. It’s perfect on salads, in wraps, just eaten hot from the pan, or in this delicious vegetarian sandwich! 

packed lunch boxes on a grey background

10 Lunch Packing Tips for Healthy and Tasty Lunches

10 Lunch Packing Tips, hacks, and ideas to help you get your lunch packing game on track! Learn how to make a plan, what equipment you need, and other strategies for delicious and healthy lunches for work or school.

greek cucumber salad on a blue plate with a silver fork to the side

Greek Cucumber Salad {Cucumber Yogurt Salad}

This Greek Cucumber Salad is made with a creamy yogurt dill dressing and tossed right in the same bowl. It’s a simple, fuss-free cucumber yogurt salad recipe you’ll be coming back to again and again!