Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is THE most important meal of the day. Power yourself through all that your schedule has to offer with these healthy and delicious  vegetarian breakfast recipes. From Asparagus Quiche to Pumpkin Granola to Banana Freezer Waffles, find something delicious and 100% all-natural for your family today!

Vegetarian Frittata with Corn and Tomatoes

This Vegetarian Frittata Recipe features sweet corn and tomatoes with a bit of sharp cheddar for an easy and healthy meal the whole family will love. Naturally low-carb and gluten-free, this healthy vegetarian frittata is perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or make-ahead meals! 

Berry Cream Pie Overnight Oats

Berry Cream Pie Overnight Oats – Get your breakfast ready the night before and you’ll be in for a treat in the morning! Naturally sweetened with banana, and gut-friendly with yoghurt and a long soak to ferment the oats, these overnight oats are creamy, dreamy, and packed with good nutrition.

asparagus + gruyère strata

I have a vague memory of asparagus growing in my parents’ back yard in Vancouver. Not a lot of it, just a handful of spindly stalks poking up each spring in the raised garden bed beside the garage. Asparagus is a perennial crop, so I’m sure it was planted at some point in ancient history… 

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banana cardamom breakfast shake

Before I had a child of my own I never understood what the big deal was, why people with children complained about never being able to get things done. Don’t babies sleep all the time? Well. Consider myself appropriately humbled. The last eight months have been an adventure, to say the least, and gratifying beyond belief…. 

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pumpkin pie overnight oats

These quick and easy overnight oats are pumpkin spice and everything nice! Vegan, easily gluten free, and ready when you wake up – what’s not to love? Hi there, it’s me in the spoon! For the past few months I have been on an oat bender. It started when I came home after my summer… 

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maple apple walnut granola

A simple, naturally sweetened granola made from wholesome ingredients and autumn flavours. Your kitchen will smell amazing when you make this! I’m a bad Canadian. Or a bad blogger. Or maybe both. I never get my act together and post something for Canadian Thanksgiving, which, as an expat, seems to sneak up on me every… 

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swiss chard and gruyere strata

A savoury and comforting make-ahead dish with layers of whole grain bread, swiss chard, and gruyere cheese baked in an eggy custard. Somehow the equinox slipped past me this year. Maybe because the weather in Stockholm has been somewhat autumny for a while now. Or maybe because I’ve had other things on my mind. But… 

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kvarg and quinoa protein pots

People keep asking me how I’m doing these days, and the answer is this: I’m hungry. I’m hungry All. The. Time. Seriously, from the moment I wake up until about 3pm, I’m eating every 60 – 90 minutes. And when I eat it goes something like this: feeling full –> full –> full –> full… 

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blueberry buckwheat smoothie bowls

Thick green smoothie bowls with blueberry and banana topped with toasted buckwheat, extra berries, and a sprinkling of chia seeds. It took me thirty-some years to realize that if I wanted nice looking hair then I was going to have to do some things to it. Put some stuff in it. Handle some appliances. For… 

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spicy cauliflower frittata

Spicy harissa paste, chewy halloumi cheese, and salty capers come together in this quick and easy one-pan frittata that’s perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This past weekend in Paris was fabulous. It’s such an incredible city, beautiful and sparkly and vibrant. We were lucky with the weather (glorious!), Paul ran a great race (one… 

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green goddess overnight oats

Simple overnight oats are dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day with bright green spirulina swirled through out. They’re every bit as delicious as they are green – and they’re really really green! Top o’ the morning to you! It’s cliché, but I’m here today with, yes, something green. I realized long ago that I’m ok… 

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coco cocoa granola {naturally sweetened}

Chocolate, coconut, and almond granola naturally sweetened with dates. Free from refined sugar, vegan, and easily gluten-free, this granola is perfect for everyone!  My friend Lindsay taught me how to run. I mean, I was always physically capable, I think, but I had viewed running mostly as something that was necessary only when being chased…. 

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Indonesian black rice pudding

A luscious black rice pudding made with coconut milk and palm sugar. Vegan and gluten free, this is a traditional Indonesian breakfast. We spent a few days in Ubud, Bali, in December. It wasn’t our favourite part of the trip – I blame Elizabeth Gilbert for ruining Ubud – but it’s definitely where we ate the… 

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