What Are FODMAPs?

Are you someone who struggles with tummy troubles, and can’t pinpoint the issue? Does eating gluten-containing foods cause painful bloating, yet you don’t have an official diagnosis of celiac disease? Have you been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and are looking for relief? It’s possible that the answer is FODMAPS. Learn what FODMAPS are, which foods to avoid, and how a FODMAP elimination diet works.

are you hungry? thoughts on physical vs emotional hunger

Most days around three o’clock or so in the afternoon, I find myself standing in front of the office snack drawer and asking myself this question: am I hungry? I’ll admit it’s taken a fair amount of mindfulness to get to the point of asking this question in the first place. When I first started… 

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that salt study

Friends, can we talk about that salt study? Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t, but in the kinds of places I like to hang out the internet has been all up in a twitch over an article published in the New York Times earlier this month titled Why Everything We Know About Salt May… 

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project protein – part 1

“But how do you get your protein?” This is probably the single most common question posed to vegetarians, followed closely by questions about iron and B12. And for years I touted the classic vegetarian byline, “I don’t worry about it, there’s protein in basically everything.” Which is true. I mean, you can find a little… 

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