Smoothies and Drinks

We're smoothie aficionados here on Hey Nutrition Lady! We love green smoothies, fruity smoothies, and veggie-packed smoothies. You've got to try the Chocolate Black Bean Brownie Smoothie - it's pretty much legendary! We also love the Cucumber Mint Slushie for a refreshing summer drink. Or why not try a Dairy-Free Matcha Latte, or whip up a batch of our Turmeric Latte Mix?

berry fennel smoothie

Spring is my favourite time of year. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer, and I probably have the most fun in the summer (I mean, who doesn’t?), but spring holds so much promise and anticipation that’s such a breath of fresh air after the winter. Unless, of course, you live in Sweden, where spring can… 

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banana cardamom breakfast shake

Before I had a child of my own I never understood what the big deal was, why people with children complained about never being able to get things done. Don’t babies sleep all the time? Well. Consider myself appropriately humbled. The last eight months have been an adventure, to say the least, and gratifying beyond belief…. 

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blueberry buckwheat smoothie bowls

Thick green smoothie bowls with blueberry and banana topped with toasted buckwheat, extra berries, and a sprinkling of chia seeds. It took me thirty-some years to realize that if I wanted nice looking hair then I was going to have to do some things to it. Put some stuff in it. Handle some appliances. For… 

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pear ginger springtime smoothie with bee pollen

A fresh and nutritious green smoothie with pear, ginger, parsley, and bee pollen. Spring is in the air, right? It’s March, so it has to be. I always find this time of year so tedious. The deepest of the winter months are behind us, but we’ve still got a good stretch to go before the… 

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the greenest smoothie

Packed with green vegetables, winter citrus, and green apples, this green smoothie is just what the nutritionist ordered. Optional mix-ins add a little extra sweetness, healthy fats, and protein.  Hello folks, happy New Year! Huge apologies for my unannounced absence over the last couple of weeks. I had decided that I needed to take a… 

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Chocolate Black Bean Brownie Smoothie

A rich and creamy healthy chocolate smoothie loaded with protein thanks to a secret ingredient that you totally can’t taste – beans! Naturally sweetened with just banana and dates, and vegan thanks to plant-based milk, this is a smoothie the whole family will love.

strawberry coconut super smoothie

The little university pool that I normally swim in on my lunch hour closed for the season about a month ago, so I’ve had to switch to morning swimming before work at a much bigger facility closer to home. Although this change in routine has its inconveniences (I’m totally not a morning person) I’m really… 

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how to make your own almond milk

When I first moved to Sweden I had a list of foodstuffs I needed to source out in order to ensure my happiness. Among other things, tofu, nutritional yeast, and soy milk were must haves. I’ve always been a soy milk girl when it comes to non-dairy milks, though I know that these days it… 

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strawberry maca milkshake

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! Or Happy Friday! Whatever you’re into. As I mentioned previously, Paul and I aren’t in the habit of doing anything special on the 14th of February. This year we happen to be zipping off to Barcelona on the day of love, but it’s for a race, not for romance. I mean,… 

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chocolate banana bread smoothie

A sure thing about life is that you never know what might happen next. And so, suddenly, I have found myself juggling the final month of classes for my masters degree with a shiny new full time job. The situation is equal parts overwhelming and amazing, and the job, I am in love with more… 

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chocolate blueberry oat smoothie

School has started, and so far so good! The first couple of days of this masters program have been pretty mellow, mostly just introductions, ice breakers, and team building kind of things. There are just 15 people in my program. The group is diverse; there are students from Sweden, Canada, Germany, Yugoslavia, Greece, Thailand, Korea,… 

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