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carrot hummus rolls - a quick and easy snack or lunch //

This is a quick post about a quick bite I like to make.

We just did a whirlwind tour of the Amalfi coast for some dear friends’ wedding, which meant dragging our one-year-old out of bed at 4am one morning for a taxi, two flights, and another long-assed taxi ride to get there. Before we left for our trip I was wishing we had booked a slightly longer trip, maybe five nights instead of three. Well. By the time we got to the end of three days of herding our toddler away from cliff faces, wrangling him in restaurants, and playing the always hilarious game of “don’t put rocks in your mouth!” “but wait, ARE THERE ROCKS IN YOUR MOUTH?!” (yes, yes there were) I was thanking my lucky stars it was only three days.

Normal toddler headaches aside, our boy was a champion traveller. He was way off his routine, in the heat, being sherpa’d up and down 300 stairs several times a day, and being fed just whatever we could get our hands on. Italy is pretty great for toddler food with its mostly simple bites of pizza and pasta.

carrot hummus rolls - a quick and easy snack or lunch //

Now, after one day back home to unpack, do a mountain of laundry, and repack, we’re heading out the door again, this time for the long trip home to BC for our annual summer vacation. Since this is such a long trip we’ve packed a good amount of food for our boy rather than relying on airplane food where he’ll end up eating basically just bread for the entire trip. I’ve packed little bites of veggie omelet, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and these whole wheat carrot and hummus rolls.

Even if you’re not on a long haul trip with a toddler, these make for a great snack or lunch. The recipe couldn’t be simpler: take a whole wheat tortilla; spread with hummus; sprinkle with grated carrot; roll and slice. You can mix up the veggies as you like, and get fancy with the hummus too. This is my favourite hummus recipe (and no, I don’t usually bother with peeling the chickpeas), but this one is fun as well.

Happy snacking, and I’ll see you on the other side!

carrot hummus rolls - a quick and easy snack or lunch //



  1. Kellie Anderson says

    You’ll have felt like you’ve been in 50 triathlons by the time you get back! We had long haul flights to see family with our daughter, too. And a variety of healthy homemade tidbits (and a pack with at least 10 activities) kept is all sane. I love hummus and carrots together so you are making me crave them at 5.40 in the morning! I hope you have s wonderful break

    • Katie Trant says

      Yep, we’ve got quite a few long hauls under our belts at this stage so were well prepared with books, snacks, and lots of little toys. He had his moments, but all in all the little guy was a champ!

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