10 Vegetarian Instant Pot Recipes

10 Vegetarian Instant Pot Recipes to get you inspired to use your pressure cooker! Make healthy, easy, and approachable meals including soups, stews, pasta, rice, and curries. 

collage of vegetarian instant pot recipes

I got my Instant Pot a couple of months ago, and while I’ve only just scratched the surface of Instant Pot Cookery, I’m kind of in love with the thing. 

If you recently got an Instant Pot and it’s still in the box, or perhaps it’s out of the box but all you’ve done is gingerly poke at the pressure release valve and then quickly back away from the thing, I get you. The first time I used mine I had to text a friend step by step to make sure I wasn’t doing anything wrong that would result in the thing exploding in my kitchen.

The words “pressure cooker” can get in your head and make it seem pretty daunting, but I assure you that the Instant Pot is a breeze to use. If you’re just getting started, my friend Sarah from Sustainable Cooks has put together an Instant Pot Beginner’s Guide that’s worth reading through. 

There are a gazillion good Instant Pot Recipes on the web, so it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Not to worry, though! I’ve sifted through dozens of websites and chosen some really amazing Vegetarian Instant Pot Recipes to get you going. 

Vegetarian Instant Pot Recipes

two bowls of mung bean and coconut curry with naan and brown rice in the background

This Mung Bean and Coconut Curry is far and away the most popular recipe on Hey Nutrition Lady, and it was also the very first recipe I tested out in my Instant Pot. It turns out beautifully, with perfectly cooked mung beans every time. 

vegetable lentil soup in a blue bowl with a piece of bread on top

This Vegetarian Instant Pot Lentil Soup from Sustainable Cooks contains an actual boat load of vegetables. It’s super easy to make (just dump everything into your Instant Pot) and will nourish the heck out of you.

creamy tomato tortellini soup in blue bowls on a wooden surface

If you’re looking for a creamy, cozy bowl of comfort food you can whip up in your Instant Pot, give this Creamy Tomato Tortellini Soup from Running to the Kitchen a try! 

Tofu tikki masala in a white bowl on a wooden background

Indian flavours work really brilliant in vegetarian Instant Pot Recipes, and this Tofu Tikka Masala is no exception. Grab the recipe from Yup, It’s Vegan

vegan carrot ginger soup in a blue bowl topped with black sesame seeds and arugula

I love the way that lentils turn out in the Instant Pot. This Carrot Ginger Soup with Red Lentils is super simple to make, and doesn’t require any sautéing. Just dump, set, and go! 

instant pot lentil vegetable stew on a grey background with rustic fabric

This Smoky Lentil Stew from The Cook Report is the ultimate cold weather warmer. Simple, healthy and suitable for vegans, this lentil stew takes just 10 minutes in the pressure cooker!

instant pot butternut squash soup in black bowls on a grey background

This Instant Pot Butternut Squash Soup from Curry Trail is velvety smooth soup, perfect for lunch or dinner. It’s a great winter meal with crusty bread. It only takes a few minutes in your Instant Pot to get this soup ready.

vegetarian fajita pasta on a white plate with a casserole dish to the side

Loaded with veggies and lots of flavour, this Vegetarian Fajita Pasta from Piping Pot is a one-pot dish in the Instant Pot. Fire-roasted tomatoes, black beans, bell peppers, sour cream and cheese make this delicious pasta dish. 

carrot and tahini soup topped with greens in blue bowls

This velvety smooth Instant Pot Carrot Soup is super creamy and delicious thanks to the addition of tahini, and a full meal topped with garlicky greens. Give it a try!

Mexican rice in a grey bowl with cilantro and lime in the background

This recipe for Instant Pot Mexican Rice from Upstate Ramblings is quick and easy! It’s a one pot meal that makes a delicious side dish and goes well with tacos, burritos, refried beans or your favourite Mexican dinner.


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  1. Natalie says

    Brilliant timing for me! My instant Pot was only delivered a week ago and I have been chomping at the bit to make some proper meals in it. My fussy family should eat most of the meals on your list (as long as I can master the witchcraft of the Pot). Thank you so much!

      • Natalie says

        Thank you. You were right – it’s nowhere near as scary as it looks!

        I’ve already tried 3 recipes in this collection. They went down very well but didn’t produce quite enough for the five of us (I love leftovers too). If I increase the quantity of ingredients do I have to increase the cooking time?

        • Katie Trant says

          Yay, I’m so glad! Which recipes did you try? If you double the recipe you don’t have to increase the cooking time, but it will take longer for the IP to come up to pressure and will therefore cook for longer.

      • Natalie says

        I can’t see our last couple of comments but, in response to your question: I have made the lentil soup, the smoky lentil stew and the fajita pasta. I will be making them all again but the smoky lentil stew was a particular hit!
        Thank you so much for answering my question too 😊
        This post has got me off to a flying start!
        Would love more along similar lines.

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