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Today my big boy is exactly 3.5 years old and I seriously can not believe where the time is going. 

I feel like I complain about him a lot here, and in reflecting about that I think it’s because those are the stories that are funny and relatable and are therefore the easiest to write about. He does drive me bonkers, that is for sure. He’s skilled at pushing my buttons in a way that I suppose all three-year-olds are skilled in pushing their parents’ buttons, and he’s also whip-smart, so he’s extra good at it. 

Spiderman likes to party

But he’s also sweet and kind and considerate and funny, and I’m so glad that he’s mine. 

He’s thoughtful in small ways, like passing the beach ball that has already been inflated over to his cousin, who is getting antsy about playing, and waiting patiently for the second ball to be blown up. Or, how whenever he’s given a gift, he looks around for something to give in return. 

When Sarah and her family came to visit us this summer they brought a couple of books to give the boys, and my mom told me that Niko went and quietly asked her if there was a book he could give to Bennett in return. Similarly, when our friends were visiting from Tokyo and brought a small gift for Niko, my friend told me that he’d rummaged through the stroller until he found a small trinket he could give in return. 

He loves eating treats, and almost always offers me a taste of whatever he’s having, even if he does make a point of giving me the small piece. 

If my tea says it then it must be true

His curiosity is insatiable, to the point that reading any book takes FOREVER because he’s got one million questions about what’s happening in each picture and how things work and what things are doing and so on and so on. He wants to really understand structures and relationships, and asked a lot of questions about who is Elliot’s mom and does Sam have a cousin and who is Grandpa’s dad and what does dead mean.

The other night when he was getting ready for bed he said, “Mom, one time there was no Niko and no Odin and no Mom and no Dad.” and I said yes, that’s true, there was a time when none of us existed. And then when Paul asked him how he thought we all got here, how people got created, he thought for a moment and then said, “From a dance party.”

I mean, fair enough. 

Thug life

Niko loves birthdays and celebrations, so I was going to make him a half birthday cake and make a big fuss out of being 3.5, but then I remembered that I’m so not a Pinterest mom and I don’t have time for that kind of nonsense, so we settled for making some homemade cookies and ice cream instead. 

We made my *favourite* homemade ice cream recipe, and if you’ve got an ice cream maker (I have this ice cream maker attachment for my Kitchen Aid mixer and I LOVE it, but I also used to have this ice cream maker (it’s at my mom’s house now) and it was also great) I really must insist that you try making this sweet corn and black raspberry ice cream from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

We also made the corn cookies from Momofuku Milk Bar and ohhhhhhhmg were those cookies good. The cookies are quite thin and chewy, so I’m considering going all meta and making ice cream sandwiches with the corn cookies and the corn ice cream. 

The cookies require freeze-dried corn powder, which I bought at Milk Bar when I was in NYC for a blogging conference a while back, but you can also get it online from the Milk Bar Store, or order some freeze-dried corn on Amazon and blitz it up in your blender. Trust me on this one; it’s totally worth the effort. 


We kicked off the week with this Mango Matcha Green Tea Smoothie, and in addition to being the prettiest smoothie I’ve ever made, it’s also damn delicious, loaded with veggies (spinach AND broccoli!) and packed with antioxidants. 

three glasses of matcha green tea smoothie garnished with mango, lime, and purple flowers

To simplify your morning routine, I’m showing you guys how I like to make these Frozen Smoothie Packs. All you need is your favourite smoothie ingredients and something to freeze them in, and you can bulk prep a week or even a month’s worth of smoothies in one go. I’ll show you how!

four silicon bags with smoothie ingredients in them and more smoothie ingredients lined up along the side

Do you ever wonder about getting enough protein on a vegetarian diet? You’re not alone! I created A Guide to Protein for Vegetarians and Vegans to make it easier to understand! 

a graphic with drawings of protein foods for vegetarians

And lastly, in this new post, Just Between Us, I’m spilling the beans, getting some stuff off my chest, and dishing up the dirt – and you should too! 


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