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I have an important question for you guys. So important that your answer will determine whether or not we can be friends IRL. Are you ready for this?

Dessert hummus: yes or no?

Please leave a comment (or send me an email or a DM via Facebook or Instagram) and let me know whether you think dessert hummus should be a thing that exists, and why or why not. Show your work and defend your position as appropriate.

I am very excited to be an active participant in rosé season this year

Ok, so y’all have got some opinions about botox! To quickly recap the situation, I was / am considering botox because by the end of the day my forehead is aching and burning and it’s driving me nuts.

Man oh man. I got comments, emails, direct messages, offers to send me skincare products, people assuring me I’m perfect just as I am (why thank you!) and others who were like eff yes get the botox.

My favourite comment was from reader Roos who told me that her sister gets botox every three months and says it’s like her face is on vacation. Yesssssss. My forehead wants a vacation. My entire body wants a vacation, to be fair, but if we have to portion things up I suppose the forehead can go first.

To be honest, the most useful thing I learned is that there’s a connection between forehead pain and jaw clenching. Did you know this??? A reader messaged me and asked if I perhaps might be clenching my jaw or grinding my teeth and I was like omg yes I am.

My molars are KILLING me lately. So it is perhaps my jaw that needs a vacation most of all. Or, can you botox your jaw? Just kidding. That’s not a thing.

Speaking of vacation, I’m flying back to BC with my boys in a couple of weeks, and made the decision to take Odin for an early MMR vaccine before we travel. There have been enough measles outbreaks in and around Vancouver to make me uncomfortable, and when I asked the pediatrician about it she said absolutely he should get the vaccine before we go.

In Sweden they do the MMR vaccine routinely at 18 months, but sometimes will do it as early as 12 months if you’re travelling. Niko had his at 12 months. It’s safe from six months, but since it’s so off schedule you have to pay for it as it’s considered a travel vaccine rather than a routine vaccine.

He’ll end up getting it again at 18 months as per the usual schedule, but I’d say the $50 I spent for the extra dose was well worth it to keep my baby safe and my mind at ease.

It’s mind boggling to me that this is a thing I even had to do for a disease that in North America was all but eradicated, but, such is life and I guess this is the world we live in right now.

It seemed awfully quiet… this is where we found him

I’m in the process of getting myself organized for the long trip back to Canada. This will be the first time I fly solo with both kids, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about it. But, when it comes to long haul flying my mantra is that you can survive anything for 8 hours… or 10.5 hours as is the case here.

There are no direct flights from Sweden to Canada, so we’ll first be flying to Munich, where we have a fairly short connection considering we need to go through passport control, and then we board the long flight to Vancouver.

The main airport in Stockholm has an obnoxious policy where they don’t let you take your stroller to the gate, rather, they insist you check it and provide loaner strollers in the airport. Which is fine, except that doesn’t help me at all when I get to Munich where I’ll have to make a mad dash across the airport and change terminals to get to the next flight.

Because of this totally dumb policy, we bought this amazing travel stroller that folds up to carry on specs, so I take it as a piece of hand luggage. I always fold it up before we go through security, use it in the airport, and then fold it up again and put it in the dust cover before boarding the flight, and I’ve never had a problem.

My plan is to wear Odin (this is the baby carrier I use) and push Niko in the stroller to be most efficient. I also bought this standing board attachment for the stroller so that Odin can go in the stroller and Niko can stand (or sit) on the back, but I’ll probably check that part and use it primarily when we’re out and about in Canada, since we’re not taking our beast of a double stroller with us.

While on the flight I’m definitely relying on the fact that Niko is now old enough to be entertained by the iPad. We have an older iPad (4th generation, I think) and I ordered this kid-friendly case for it so he can hold it or stand it up on his table tray.

I just today realized that I may have accidentally ordered the case from China, so there is a risk it’ll get caught up in the Swedish post office red tape on the way in. Hopefully I’ll have it in time, but may need to get a back up just in case.

If anyone has recommendations for apps, games, etc, that will keep a three year old entertained on a long flight, please let me know! I’m planning to pack some books, some new toys, snacks, etc, and am just hoping for the best.

Odin will for sure be a pain in the ass since he’s now starting to crawl and will want to be exploring as much as possible. It’s a daytime flight, unfortunately, as they all are going that direction, but I’m hoping he’ll take some good naps, and I’m also prepared to be doing some pacing while wearing him in the baby carrier.

We have a seat beside us which, last I checked, was still empty. God willing it will remain that way, or at the very least be filled by some friendly grandmother who just wants to play with my kids the entire way. Thoughts and prayers, people. Thoughts and prayers.

Teaching my big boy to knead pizza dough

I finished reading a book last week! Huzzah!!! I’m still WAY behind schedule for my 2019 book reading goal, but am getting there. I finished reading this, which was beautifully written and painful and a fairly easy read all at once.

I always feel a bit like I need to take a breath after reading a book like that, and I have difficulty jumping into reading something else right away. As luck would have it, this book was published on the very next day, which easily solved my dilemma of what to read next.

I’ve been really looking forward to it, and Elizabeth Gilbert is one of my favourite writers. If you only associate her with books like Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic, I urge you to give her fiction a go. Her last novel, The Signature of All Things, was a long but outstanding read, and so far this new one does not disappoint.

What’s on your summer reading list? Any recommendations???

Took a lot of bribery to get him to sit in that chair by himself


We kicked off the week with one of my favourite recipes for a healthy appetizer or snack… Chickpea Fries! These crispy moorish little bites are made with only a handful of ingredients and are super easy to make. Grab a bag of chickpea flour and you can be snacking on chickpea fries with a glass of rosé today! {Pin for later}

Chickpea fries on a baking sheet scattered with fresh herbs

Next up is this seasonal and delicious Spicy Watermelon Salad. I’m unveiling all of my secrets to making a perfect watermelon salad, including how to choose the best watermelon and a game-changing technique to avoid a sad, soggy watermelon salad. {Pin for later}

watermelon salad on a white and blue platter with a small plate of salad to the side

And lastly, I shared another Simple 4-Part Meal Prep Plan. This one features an easy vegan lasagna recipe, tempeh tacos, creamy avocado sauce, and totally snackable chia pudding. {Pin for later}

a photo collage with text that reads a simple 4-part meal prep plan


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  1. Gloria says

    RE Dessert Hummus: No. Why? Without knowing which ingredients you’ll use or even the preparation, it sounds heavy for something to eat at the end of a meal. At this time of the year I’m all about light and refreshing desserts. I’m a huge fan of hummus with veggies or slathered over a slice of toasted bread as part of a meal. But as a dessert? I’m curious to know what you have in mind.

    Jaw clenching, forehead stress, this will pass. Good luck with your decision but I recommend a night guard first and foremost to address clenching and to laugh more to relieve all the accumulated stress and tension of having 2 tiny kids and all the other daily life stressors you encounter. Be kind to yourself! Cyber hugs!

    • Katie Trant says

      I’m super against the idea of dessert hummus (think sweetened hummus, like chocolate chip cookie dough hummus… gross!) but some people love it. I’m just trying to get a sense of how many people are lovers and how many are skeptic or straight up haters. So far the skeptics have the edge!

  2. emily says

    heeey K! you can totally do botox in your jaw! a lot of people do! If you do it in your forehead you have the risk of droopy eyelids…I would take the risk and enjoy the added benefit of a wrinkle free forehead though, but yeah – you can totally target the jaw itself! google it, all the clinics offer this, and a lot of private dentists too! 🙂

  3. Heather says

    NO, to dessert hummus . Yes to forehead Botox, for the pain, not for beauty. Yes to start wearing your night bite guard first, if you have one.. Now I can read the rest of your post.

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