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I have a serious question for you guys: where do we stand on botox?

Here’s the thing: I have a very expressive face. Like, so expressive that if you say something I think is stupid you will 100% know exactly what I think because my face is unable to hide my thoughts.

Something about the stress of the last six-ish months has really manifested in my forehead and I guess I raise my eyebrows a lot when I’m talking / yelling at my kids, because by the end of the day my forehead is on freaking fire. I swear this started the moment I turned 40 and has only been getting worse.

By the end of the day I am legitimately rubbing peppermint foot lotion into my aching forehead, which I am certain is not its designated use (this stuff is awesome though), and holding an icepack over my brow while googling whether botox is the answer. So I’m asking you seriously, is it?

Do I need to paralyse my forehead with botulism in order to get some relief? Because my kids are small so I figure there are many years of yelling and eyebrow raising in my future, and I’m fairly certain if I don’t take action my forehead is going to peel itself right off of my face.

If you knew me IRL you’d know, based on my standard uniform of grey hair, no makeup, yoga pants, and a questionably clean hoodie, that this isn’t a vanity thing. But my forehead hurts and I want answers!

Pressure-testing the rain gear!

Maybe you’ve noticed that there are now random videos popping up on this website? Videos, which typically have ads running in them, are an important revenue source for bloggers. I have wanted to have nothing to do with video and fully planned (and still do) to outsource recipe video production for some of my top posts rather than doing it myself.

My friend Sarah, who I also refer to as my blog wife, kept nagging me about making these quick and easy slideshow videos just to get started, and for weeks (months?) I’ve been like, yeah yeah, it’s on my to-do list.

It IS on my to-do list, but my to-do list is mighty and never ending and ever-expanding. Anyways, Sarah got sick of nagging my lazy butt and took matters into her own hands, so when I woke up on Wednesday morning I had a bunch of emails from her with the videos made, files attached, and instructions for implementing them.

Real friends micromanage their friends’ revenue streams.

Spotted from our balcony the other night

So, I know you guys were bummed out last week when I told you my bathroom was operational again and you were all like, well what are we even going to talk about now? Fear not, my friends.

Swedish apartment buildings are insane about doing maintenance. It’s a good thing because they are generally very well maintained, but there’s this dreaded pipe-changing thing that happens approximately every 50 years where they change the entire plumbing system in a building. I mean, literally rip all of the pipes out and put new ones in, which means ripping out bathrooms and living for weeks or months without a plumbing.

We dodged the bullet in our last apartment, which was starting this process, but we managed to sell our place just at the right time and moved out exactly one day before this started, which was very advantageous for us, but also for our buyers who were able to defer moving in until it was done and they got themselves a shiny brand new bathroom out of the deal.

Our current building, of course, needs to have this done, but the board has opted instead for this less invasive relining of the plumbing system, which involves, as best as I can tell, shoving a gigantic pipe cleaner down the pipes and scraping 50-ish years worth of rust and crud off of the inside, followed by piping some gnarly smelling liquid plastic stuff down in order to reline and seal the pipes.

We knew this was coming, and when they sent a notice around asking people if they’d like to book a bucket toilet I contacted the project manager and said a) yes we would like to poop in a bucket, and b) when exactly will this be happening. He said it would be starting on Monday June 3, as in tomorrow.

Take his bathroom away again and he will cut you.

So you can imagine my surprise last Monday, as in Monday May 27, as in not in any way, shape, or form Monday June 3, when two dudes showed up at our apartment at 7:30 in the morning and started dismantling my brand new bathroom. I mean, taking the wall mounted toilet off of the wall and casually shoving it into the bath tub, fully removing the sink and toilet from the other bathroom, and turning off all of the running water in our home other than in the kitchen sink.

We were sitting in our pyjamas, faces unwashed, teeth unbrushed, merrily eating our breakfast when this happened, and then I suddenly had a three-year-old who had just spent six months taking baths in the kitchen sink losing his little mind – and really, who can blame him – when he saw the guys starting to take the toilet apart.

Luckily this was quick and painful, over in a matter of days, not months, and luckily also we are already very accustomed to not having a bathroom. The kicker this time was not being able to use the drains AT ALL. So we had to collect our grey water, from hand washing and dishes and whatnot, in a bucket we stuck in the kitchen sink, and schlep it down 7 floors to pour down the storm drain out back. It was like camping, only really really not cool.

And yes, friends, we pooped in the bucket. That part was actually not that bad.

They’re coming back this week to continue working on other suites in our building, which means our water (and drains!) will be off during the day. And then apparently they’ll be back sometime in August do do the main pipes under the building which will mean more blocks of days with the drains closed. Our neighbour is due to give birth right when that part is happening and is naturally freaking out about it and I’m like, girl, I feel you. I really do.

Like I said, I need botox. Or, I don’t know. A lot of alcohol? Both? Probably both.

You know it’s a good lunch when Sophie is invited

One of my favourite readers, Gail, left the following comment on my Spicy Tofu Grain Bowls:

portrait shot of wild rice salad in a wooden bowl with apples and cheese

“Katie, this is the best way evah to do tofu!!! We need your readers to boost this recipe to the top ten of all time. Help us! Even better than that mung bean thing that consistently rises to the top.
Thank you again.

Ok people, you heard her, get to work! ????

She’s not wrong, it IS the best way EVAH to do tofu. So good I think it deserves its own post at some point, but for now, let’s give that recipe some much deserved love!


We started the week off the best way to start any week, and that is with a butt-load of vegetables! Specifically, these Mediterranean Roast Vegetables.

mediterranean roast vegetables on a blue plate with a glass of lemon water in the background

Then I thought it was time I get up on my soapbox for my annual post on why you don’t need to detox.

image of a woman tossing spinach leaves into a bowl with text that reads no detox needed

And lastly, if you need something to do with all those roasted vegetables, we did a super easy and delicious oven-baked Roasted Vegetable Frittata.

two squares of baked frittata on blue plates topped with herbs


Here’s what’s trending this week, according to Google Analytics:

1. Spicy Tofu Grain Bowls. Not really, but we’re putting it there just for you, Gail!

2. 20 Vegetarian Lunch Ideas. Yes! Pack those lunches!

3. 37 Vegetarian Freezer Meals for New Moms. Meal prep mania!

4. No Sugar Banana Bran Muffins. Mmmhmm.

5. Chocolate Black Bean Smoothie. Hey-o!

What’s Good Around The Web

icon of globe with text "what's good around the web"1. This is good –> We don’t need to be saved from making smoothies.

2. Ultraprocessed foods linked to higher risk of heart disease and death.

3. One thing might keep the Impossible Burger from saving the planet: steak.

4. Researchers are discovering that different sports affect the heart differently: The heart of a swimmer vs the heart of a runner.

5. Feeling tired and sluggish? You might need more iron.


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  1. Roos says

    Hi Katie! I too have those nasty forehead headaches. For symptom management, I use (microwaveable cherrypit) heatpacks and lie back with them on my eyes and forehead for 30 mins or longer if there’s time. Or just go to bed with them on your face and fall asleep with it. Can your eyes also be straining? Blue light filters on all my devices work for me, and the best preventive measure for me were reading glasses for screens (computer), because I do desk work (and I think you do a lot of that too?). Might check if your eyes need that. Worked wonders for me. As for botox, my sister uses it every 3 months and she says it feel like her face is on holiday. Totally recommends it to me to prevent the strain and I’m planning on doing it. Good luck with it and I wish you a happy face and operational plumbing!

    • Katie Trant says

      Hey Roos! Yes! A holiday for my face is EXACTLY what I’m in the market for. That sounds glorious. It’s not actually a headache in my case, but my forehead actually hurts. It’s more muscular. But I learned in the last couple of days that forehead pain is linked to jaw clenching, and that I’m definitely doing. My poor molars! A happy face and operational plumbing to you as well 🙂

  2. Michelle says

    Hey Katie! Honestly, your bathroom escapades should be a sitcom…or perhaps better suited for a drama? Pretty sure I’d have moved and I’m pretty construction tolerant.
    I feel you on the forehead strain (compliments of my 17 year old). By the end of some days my forehead feels too heavy for the rest of my face to support.
    I’m a big yes to Botox tho I haven’t yet taken the plunge, I fully intend to. So far bangs, peppermint oil & margaritas are my go-tos. BUT, I’ve decided that if one of my girlfriends mentions an interest in Botox, I’m there. (I’m a chicken so I need a buddy.) I’ve managed to scowl my forehead into a wrinkle at the top of my nose— what!?—among others up there. Can’t say I’d be sad to see that go away.
    I’m all for doing whatever it is (ok, within reason of course) that makes you feel better both physically and/or cosmetically. NO judgement.
    I wear makeup to look & feel better, just dyed my hair for the first time to banish the grey (gasp), changed my eating habits and upped the exercise in recent years (and it’s not because I suddenly hate chips and pizza). I’m all for aging gracefully but I’m also not going down without a reasonable fight. If that makes me vain, then I own it.
    You’re stunning, btw. Full stop.

    • Katie Trant says

      I can’t do bangs (haaaate hair in my face) but I’m 100% with you on the margaritas! And for sure, everyone has to do what makes them feel most comfortable. I don’t generally wear makeup because a) I’m lazy, b) it makes me feel like my face is burning, and c) I always forget that it’s there and rub my eyes and smudge it everywhere. But yes, at the end of the day my forehead feels like it’s too heavy for the rest of my face. That’s exactly it.

  3. Gail says

    Ah, thanks, Katie, for faking the rating for Spicy Tofu Grain Bowls at #1.

    No experience or uninformed opinions about Botox, but sorry to hear it hurts.

    Nice “videos”.

    Happy June!


  4. Sandra Lea says

    I do admire your stamina putting up with all this bathroom/water stuff for so long. I couldn’t do it. As for the botox, if you are in pain and think it might help then give it a try. If you are doing it for cosmetic reasons then please don’t do it, you are beautiful just the way you are. And don’t beat yourself up over not getting things done, you are a mother of two young boys, they are your priority right now and you are doing the best you can.

    • Katie Trant says

      Aww, thanks Sandra. It’s not cosmetic at all. I can’t even be bothered to wear makeup or cover up my grey hair, so I assure you that’s not it. I just feel like my forehead needs a vacation, if that makes sense.

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