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My friend Alison and I went to see Michelle Obama talk this week as a part of her book tour. I just finished reading Becoming, and I highly recommend. That lady is inspirational AF.

So, I’m pretty sure that I’ve stopped breathing.

Not that I can’t breathe or that I’m out of breath, but that I just don’t breathe. I feel like I’m constantly on an exhale, and then I get to the end of this really long breath out and just kind of stop. Then I have to remind myself to breathe in, and try to do it as deeply as possible to fill up my lungs. It’s an unsettling feeling to say the least.

I’ve experienced this once before, when I first started working an office job and suddenly found myself sitting for long stretches as opposed to constant activity. So I’m pretty sure that I’m not dying, but since a friend’s husband who is basically the same age as me just had a heart attack, I thought I should probably check.

Translation: calm, calm, calm, calm

Did I go to the emergency room? No.

Did I go to the clinic? No.

I did what’s the only logical first course of action in my family: sent a message to our group What’s App chat.

But hear me out! My mom is a retired doctor, my sister is a nurse practitioner, and my sister-in-law is a pediatric emergency room nurse, so our family’s group chat is often filled with questions and answers about symptoms and treatments and whatnot. So I asked, and the consensus was that I was *probably* not actually dying, that it was more likely a stress and fatigue-related over-awareness of my breathing.

My sister, doing her remote due diligence asked – just in case – if I was experiencing any chest pains, headaches, or changes in vision. I didn’t see her question come in right away because I was at the playground with both kids and I had my hands full, so maybe 15 minutes went by before I looked at my phone again.

And you know what my busy-body phone did? Started making an emergency call! I guess that her questions had triggered some sort of emergency response and since I hadn’t answered my phone figured I must be unresponsive and took matters into its own hands. What the hell!!!

I don’t know whether to be disturbed or impressed by this! Luckily I caught it and cancelled the call before they sent an actual ambulance.

Suuuuuuper stoked about the construction site by us finally getting some action

Anyways, I still feel like I’m not breathing but I’m fairly confident that I’m not dying. I did, however, contemplate going to the emergency room yesterday, as I’m pretty sure my complaints would be taken seriously, but my primary motivation was not the reassurance of a diagnosis (or lack thereof), but getting a couple of hours to myself. And therein lies the problem. I think.

But then I was thinking, if I *did* actually die, how would you know? I mean, other than the fact that I’m planning on haunting y’all so you continue to give my recipes 5-star ratings posthumously. Would this site just stagnate long enough that you’d eventually assume I’d bit the dust?

I figured it out, though. If I die, Paul will tell my mom, my mom will tell Sarah, and since Sarah has back end access to this site, she will notify you all. Plan in place. Phew!

Note that I was more concerned about you all than, say, wondering how Paul would manage or the fact that my kids would grow up without a mom. Priorities, check!


Nothing. Crickets. I just couldn’t make it happen. I haaaaaaate weeks like this. It frustrates me to no end to want to work and not be able to get work done.

You know what happened this week? Something clicked in Odin’s tiny brain and he suddenly started taking good naps, at home, in his own bed. I’d go through our nap-time routine, put him to bed, and within a few minutes he’d be out cold.

You know what else happened this week? Our upstairs neighbours started demolishing their bathroom. Yup, smashing it out, drilling in the concrete, and jack-hammering the floor since they’re replacing and moving the drain.

F.M.L. I am so over all of this.

On a positive note, the repair phase of our bathroom is FINALLY done, and the rebuild is starting on Monday. Our new contractor – we’ll call him Kitchen Guy, or KG for short – came in and looked at the pipes and was like, wtf were they thinking this is a terrible job, and then had that opinion backed up by two different plumbers. So the fun continues, but I feel SO much better having KG in here handling the situation. KG is one of my favourite humans at the moment.

crispy potato wedges on a metal tray with ketchup and chipotle sauce

We made these Crispy Potato Wedges for dinner last night, and damn were they good. I also tested a new riff on an old recipe from the archives that I’m excited to update and share with you soon. Oh, the suspense!


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