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Odin is totally looking at that calendar thinking, “next year… next year I’ll have teeth and will know how to use my hands… just you wait!”

Holy crap you guys, did you know that it’s Christmas in two actual days? How did that happen? I went for lunch at a shopping center the other day, in the middle of the day on a Thursday, and was astounded at how busy it was.

This month has been so busy that I ended up doing all of my Christmas shopping (97% of which was for Niko, and 3% of which was for his teachers and babysitter) last week one day I carved out for errands. I had planned on making a trek out to the suburbs to do my shopping there, but in the end the overpriced kids’ store down the street did the job just fine. My time is worth more to me than saving a few bucks on some toys.

Speaking of toys, Niko has been obsessed with getting a leaf blower since seeing the yard work episode of his favourite show on YouTube. He picks up anything that is long and straight and says, “This is a leaf blower!” and then runs around making leaf blower noises.

You guys, we found him a toy leaf blower that makes actual leaf blowing noises and I know it’s going to make me want to claw out my ear balls, but I can not wait to see his little head explode on Christmas morning.

I mailed poop today! Mine and Odin’s both. I’ve been participating in a research study about how the mother’s micro biome affects fetal outcomes, and this was my final set of samples and Odin’s first. Science!

The other day I sighed extra loud and Niko said, “Mom, it’s ok to be frustrated. You’ll feel better soon.”

This kid has been extra whiney and extra clingy and as a result I’ve been extra annoyed and extra shouty. I realized he might need some one-on-one momma time, so I took him out for a coffee date just the two of us. It was one of those things that was a great idea in my head, but in practice was taking a whiney toddler out on a coffee date and was, well, frustrating.

I decided he needed a lesson in giving, so on the way home we popped into the grocery store and put together a Christmas care package for the dude who sits outside and pushes the door opener button all the time. I NEVER give that guy money, but he always pushes the button for me nevertheless.

We bought a carton of oranges, some bread, a roast chicken, some cookies, and some chocolate and put it into a nice bag and I had Niko give it to him and say Merry Christmas. The lesson was totally over his head, but I think we’ll try and make a tradition out of it.


This week I updated and reposted two of the oldest and most beloved (by me) recipes on HNL.

First up is this Brown Sugar Shortbread recipe, which is one of my family’s classic holiday cookies. I’ve had this cookie at Christmas time for as long as I can remember. It’s made with just three ingredients, is super easy to make, and totally bonkers delicious. This year decided to test the recipe with whole grain flour, and wouldn’t ya know it, it was still amazing. Pin this recipe.

chocolate dipped shortbread cookies on a tray beside a bowl of chocolate and a white tea towel

I also updated this Wild Rice Salad with cranberries, toasted pecans, and chickpeas. This was the second recipe I ever posted on HNL, and it was in a sad state of neglect so deep in the archives. It’s a great holiday side dish and also a delicious grain salad at any time of year. Pin this recipe.

wild rice salad on a blue plate with a black bowl of salad in the background

And this comment on my Miso Maple Roasted Brussels Sprouts recipe totally made my week:

“Hands down the best Brussels sprout recipe I ever had! Will be a frequent winter dish at my table. Thanks Katie.” – Kimberly 


These are the five most popular posts on Hey Nutrition Lady over the last week!

1. Amazing Vegan Gravy. Clearly it’s gravy time! Pin this recipe.

2. Turmeric Latte Mix. Yes! Get those last minute gifts made! Pin this recipe.

3. Brown Sugar Shortbread. You guys, this stuff is so good. Pin this recipe.

4. Tempeh Bolognese. I ate a bowl of this last night and was glad to be reminded of how good it is! Pin this recipe.

5. Favourite Edible Gifts. Can’t be a homemade gift! Pin this guide.


icon of globe with text "what's good around the web"1. What we learned in 2018.

2. Confused about probiotics? This is a good resource.

3. Turns out BMI isn’t a risk factor for breast cancer as was once thought, but fat distribution might be.

4. Blame Big Food, not the government, for unhealthy eating.

5. I’m totally planning on making this Parmesan Creamed Kale for our Christmas dinner.

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  1. Michelle says

    Sitting for the first time since..well,…ALL day…and you had me cracking up as usual! I literally started every email, text, call last week with ” Happy holy crap Christmas is…?!?” I’m frankly looking for a REAL friend who will tell me that Christmas Eve is NOT tomorrow. Looks like I have exactly zero real friends, hmmmmmm.
    Wishing you and your family a lovely fun filled holiday filled with a little extra sleep for all!

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