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Hahaha, blue balls! We think this tree is hilarious.

We only missed a couple of days of daycare all of last year. Once we were called to pick Niko up due to a fever, and another time it was a suspected eye infection that turned out to be nothing. So I spent most of the last year feeling super smug about my kid’s immune system. 


Turns out he was saving it up as a super special screw you, mom! for when his little brother arrived. First, with the week-long bout of projectile diarrhea we refer to as poomageddon (again with the diarrhea talk on the food blog. You’re welcome!) and now another week-long absence from daycare thanks to hand, foot, and mouth disease. 


Therapeutic baking

First of all, why is it not called hand, foot, mouth, and butt disease? Because the butt is where the sores first appeared and were most concentrated. 

Secondly, just so you all know, Niko has finally taken an interest in his little brother. That’s right, now that he’s covered in highly contagious festering sores, he wants to kiss his brother goodnight, put the pacifier into his mouth, and help him get dressed. Why, why, WHY now?!  

And lastly, I’d love for someone to explain to me the evolutionary purpose of toddler whining. Seems counter productive to their survival, no? 

I remember when I was pregnant with Niko at my baby shower my friends asked which of my personality traits did I wish the baby would inherit. And in a super smug high-pitched sing-songy pregnant lady voice I said, “hmmm, my patience?”

Folks. That is dumb shit said by a person who had never had kids, let alone a sick and whiney toddler and a newborn at the same time. I have no patience. None. Nada. Or, whatever patience I did have is now officially gone.

If my kid gets sick again, I might need you all to coordinate a bake sale for bail money. Need inspiration? You could make:

And somebody please sneak a file into the cake, because I am officially losing it. 

I cropped out his privates because we’re proper and whatnot.

So naturally the small one sprung a fever last night, and since fevers in teeny little babies can be scary (and his brother keeps insisting on bring gross germs into the house), we spent the morning at children’s hospital running some tests. Have you ever spent two hours staring at a teeny weenie just willing it to pee? I have. 

On Hey Nutrition Lady This Week

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overhead photo of pumpkin snickerdoodles and tea in a black mug

Then, since some of you might have some leftover sweet potatoes kicking around, I shared this super tasty Chai Spiced Sweet Potato Pudding. It’s made with just four ingredients, doesn’t contain any (added) sugar, and is velvety smooth and delicious. Also vegan and paleo, just FYI. Pin this recipe

chai spiced sweet potato pudding in glass jars on a grey background

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  1. Anne says

    Katie: this is absolutely the shits!!! It is beyond imaginable!!! I am hoping you get some respite.!!!
    My two are less than 2 yrs apart and the worse thing I had was chicken poxes not done tidily – when one waited to be done the other started one day later -. A whole month!!
    Nowhere near what u r surviving. Just saying!! Thinking of you.

    • Katie Trant says

      When we got chicken pox all four of us had it at the same time, over the Christmas holidays. It was such a rip off, not even a single day of school missed! Now I can imagine my parents were dancing a happy dance over that one!

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