What’s Good This Week

Good news part A: Poomageddon is finally behind us. Praise the g-damn lord. We are dealing with some residual poo phobia that is making me want to claw out my own earballs

Also, I’d like to officially bow down and kiss the earth walked on by those of you who are full-time stay-at-home parents and / or who homeschool. Holy crap, was my patience ever tested this week. I do not know how you do it.

But I do suppose that having a sick / whiney AF toddler home for a week while also taking care of a newborn calls for a level of patience that I was just not born with. Or that maybe nobody is when dealing with that much poop and that little sleep. I definitely lost my cool more than I’m proud of.

My friend Sarah describes herself as a shouter with zero chill, and says that this book has been a total game changer. I have ordered it accordingly.

Good news part B: My mom has arrived for the middle leg of her European grandbaby visiting tour. Paul had to fly to the US for a week-long business trip and we managed to time things so that my mom turned up right as he left.

I actually didn’t think it would have been a big deal for him to be gone for a week so soon, but I can now confirm (after 24 hours) that it would have been a big deal. Again, single parents, parents of multiples, crazy people who have more than two kids, I salute you.

Earlier this week I took Niko (and Odin by default) to the museum of science and technology, and never mind the museum because we found a friggen SKID STEER outside. That pretty much made his little toddler week. What made my week? Getting past the 48hour all-clear for gastric symptoms and sending his whiney ass back to daycare on Wednesday.

Anyways. The skid steer was kind of a big deal, because one of our favourite Blippi episodes is about skid steers. Oh, you don’t know Blippi? Well then let me enlighten you. Blippi keeps me sane. Blippi is how I take showers, how I nurse the small one when the big one wants something, and frankly, sometimes how I get shit done.

I love Blippi, and if you have a construction-vehicle (or educational video) loving toddler then you just might love him too. If only I could contract Blippi to come in and deal with potty training for me…

Random baby photo just because. Is it just me, or does that kid look like he’s going to have a bright future playing rugby?

On Hey Nutrition Lady This Week

This was another week of mostly reprints. I really, really, really tried to get something new posted and Odin really, really, really had other ideas. Sigh. But we still had some pretty great recipes going on.

This Tempeh Bolognese is one of my favourite vegan comfort food recipes. Thanks to the umami bomb that is nutritional yeast it has that super rich all-day flavour, but comes together in about 30 minutes. Try it, you’ll like it! Pin this recipe.

tempeh bolognese over pasta in a blue bowl with basil and nutritional yeast in the background

My body is currently in a state of transition, which can be a tough thing sometimes. I wrote a short piece highlighting three of my favourite ways to nurture a changing body.

3 weeks post partum

And lastly, I shared a recipe for Curried Cauliflower Chickpea Wraps. I ate one of these out of the freezer the other day and was reminded of just how dang good they are! Vegan, freezer-friendly, and so spicycozydelicious. Pin this recipe.

curried cauliflower chickpea wraps in a stack

What’s Trending on HNL

These are the five most popular posts on Hey Nutrition Lady over the last week!

1. Mung Bean and Coconut Curry. This one has been on fire recently ????????????Pin this recipe.

2. Black Bean and Quinoa Freezer Burritos. Really bummed to have run out of these in my freezer stash! Pin this recipe.

3. Amazing Vegan Gravy. Vegan gravy is in the hooooouuuuse!!! Pin this recipe.

4. Turmeric Latte Mix. Makes great homemade gifts, just in case you were wondering. Pin this recipe.

5. How to make homemade Pumpkin Purée. Yasss! It’s pie time, mofo’s! Pin this recipe.

What’s Good Around The Web

icon of globe with text "what's good around the web"1. Interesting piece in the NYT: The Ecosystem in Immigrants’ Guts Is Shaped by the Place They Call Home.

2. I feel like this is bad news for the fish: Drug with fish oil cuts risk of heart attack, stroke, study finds.

3. How to choose a quality olive oil.

4. Anyone else feeling the darkness these days? Five signs you might need a vitamin D supplement.

5. Do you have healthy poop? Check your toilet paper.


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  1. Michelle says

    BRING ON the reprints! Love em and they’re good reminders, esp for me who only half pays attention to anything it seems. Take care of you (yeah, kids too). We will be here.
    MUST share (just in case you don’t already know about this video series). Mighty Machines! I do not know how I would have gotten thru toddler/preschool age with my ‘anything with wheels and an engine’-loving son without this series! Educational too and a BIG bonus-I didn’t hate it. Filmed/produced in Quebec and covers all kinds of cool machines–snow groomers in Tremblant, salt mining vehicles, etc. I think I remember airport vehicles as well-said son just turned 17 so it’s been a minute since I’ve watched. HIGHLY recommend.
    Happy that Grandmom is visiting and everyone is healthy again!

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