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This post is brought to you by one-handed typing, so we’re going to keep things kinda brief this week! I wanted to pop in and say hello from newborn land, and that things are going well and I’m hoping to get kinda sorta back to our regularly scheduled program this week. We’ll see.

We’re currently locked into a cycle that looks kinda like this: baby demands to have some boob –> baby sucks at boob approx three times and then falls asleep –> I put baby down and frantically attempt to work for approximately three minutes –> baby wakes up, furious about not having a boob in his mouth. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

This is why mother nature made babies so extra cute; so you’ll give in and have a post-boob afternoon nap with the baby snoozing on your chest and forget all about the work you wanted to do in the first place. Work schmerk, ammiright?

Things here are going mostly quite well. I’m getting a decent amount of sleep, and other than my left nipple my body feels pretty good. The new guy is settling in nicely, and seems to be mostly chill other than wanting to eat more or less constantly when he’s awake – but that’s ok, because he totally crushed his birth weight by his one-week check up. My left nipple could have told you that, but it’s nice to have the confirmation anyways.

So the million dollar question: does this baby have a name? Yes, yes he does. I think. There’s been a bunch of drama about the name, which resulted in a lot of anxiety, and us changing the name and then changing it back approximately one million times over the last week. I think we’re over it now and have made the final decision, but we haven’t filed the paperwork just yet so I won’t say anything prematurely.

Pushing our double stroller. Dang, that thing is huge, but it still handles like a dream. We were smart and bought this stroller at the get-go knowing that it could convert to a double if needed, since we are old and figured if we did have a second kid there wouldn’t be too massive of an age gap.

I’ve seen a lot of people buy the smaller stroller to start with, have a second kid sooner than expected, and then need to fork over the dough for a double. So I’m pretty smug about our decision to start with this one in the first place.

Yes, I realize that having your baby sitting in a seat on the table is a total no-no. I need to buy another Stokke highchair base to attach that thing to, and just haven’t gotten around to it. It was on my to-do list the day I went into labour and just didn’t get done.

This picture has all the cozy feels, I know, but what you didn’t see was big boy “helping” with breakfast, and somehow flinging a casserole dish full of egg and milk and soaking bread off of the counter, and then having a giant toddler meltdown as I cleaned up the shards of glass and egg and milk off of the floor because it was *that* piece of French toast he specifically wanted.

QUESTION: Why is it that bathroom tap water is always colder and more delicious than kitchen tap water? I feel like this is a universal truth. Is it? Or is it just that every home I’ve ever lived in has had totally messed up plumbing?

Tell me I’m not alone in this. If I want a cool drink of water from my kitchen tap I have to run it for like 5 minutes to get the right temperature, which makes me a water-wasting a-hole. So I always fill up my water bottle from the bathroom tap, which is perfectly cold and delicious after approximately 10 seconds.

But why? Any plumbers in the house who can explain this phenomenon?


This week was all reprints! Thanks for your patience while we adjust to our new family situation over here, and I hope you’ve enjoyed being reminded about some favourite seasonal recipes.

This Pumpkin Chai Latte is a new recipe that I didn’t get around to sharing last week. It’s super good, made with real pumpkin, fall spices, and naturally sweetened. No over-priced PSL’s for us! Pin this recipe.

two grey mugs with pumpkin chai latte on a grey background

Egg-in-a-Squash-Hole! A fun and seasonal take on egg in a hole that just happens to be gluten-free, paleo, and Whole 30 compliant. Pin this recipe!

Overhead shot of egg in a squash hole with avocado toast // www.heynutritionlady.com

In Defence of Candy. Some thoughts around Halloween candy and how we should just be chill about it.

pumpkin candies with text that reads "in defence of candy"

Pumpkin and Black Bean Taquitos! Such a fun and easy seasonal appetizer or party food. And they’re baked, not fried. Pin this recipe.

platter of pumpkin and black bean taquitos black tea towel and mini pumpkins


These are the five most popular posts on Hey Nutrition Lady over the last week!

1. Mung Bean and Coconut Curry. Always a bride, this one. Pin this recipe.

2. Curried Cauliflower Chickpea Wraps. I’m stoked to have a few of these in my freezer stash! Pin this recipe.

3. Black Bean and Quinoa Freezer Burritos. Always a HNL classic. Pin this recipe.

4. Homemade Pumpkin Purée. Yasss!!! Pin this recipe.

5. Indonesian Black Rice Pudding. This one needs an update, but is so, so tasty!


icon of globe with text "what's good around the web"1. ‘Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat’ changes the rules for who gets to eat on TV. I just finished this series and loved it.

2. This is frightening: According to a new study, microplastics are finding their way into your gut.

3. A new study says that eating organic food can cut your risk of cancer by 25%… but you should be taking this with a massive grain of salt.

4. Nutritionists rank Halloween candy from better to worse.

5. Many intermittent fasters skip breakfast. Here’s why that’s not a good idea.


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  1. Michelle says

    Love these photos and have to say I thought….’Oh GOOD! I’m not the only one who put the baby on the table!’ So there you have it. In my case it was the island and said baby was WAY older than a week.
    Everyone looks happy and great (and I can’t believe you’re posting)!!

  2. kellie@foodtoglow says

    Oh it’s so good to see your blooming and growing family! The snap of you is gorgeous, too. I’m in awe that you found time to put this together but I will show my appreciation and admiration by going on a HNL pinning spree! I can’t even do my own blog half the time with only the excuse of a needy cat these days! Best wishes from a not-so-secret admirer 🙂

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