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A few weeks ago, my friend Alison said she wanted to throw me a little “sprinkle” before the baby came. I was like, wtf is a sprinkle?! That’s not even a thing! But apparently it is and she wouldn’t be talked out of it. I told her fine, but no gifts and it had to be low key.

So she did what any good friend would do: completely disregarded my wishes and planned something utterly over the top.

Yesterday afternoon I was picked up by another friend, under the assumption that I was headed over to Alison’s house for a mellow evening of takeout, vagina talk, and chick flicks. The plan was that I would sleep over there, since her husband and kid are out of town, and I could enjoy a quiet sleep-in the next day.

Instead we pulled up in front of Stockholm’s fanciest hotel where a group of friends awaited me in the lobby and I was informed that I would, in fact, be staying there and enjoying an indulgent evening of room service and a morning in the spa. This is apparently how my friends interpret “low key” and “no gifts”.

Also: I have amazing friends.

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I have been snoring like a mofo during the third trimester, so this note on my pillow made me laugh.

A group of us hung out in the room nibbling on cheese and drinking bubbles (real bubbles, thank you very much, this baby is well cooked), and then after surveying the room service menu a smaller group of us went for a casual dinner out on the town.

When I got back to my room, blissfully alone, it had been turned down for the evening, with a robe and slippers and the breakfast menu waiting for me on my bed. I don’t think I’ve ever stayed in a hotel fancy enough for a turn down service!

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Since everything had been paid for (I tried to contribute to dinner but they wouldn’t hear of it) and since I was all alone, I decided to splurge on room service breakfast. This morning I sat in my robe in my quiet room sipping tea and eating perfectly creamy scrambled eggs and nibbling on a croissant while I intermittently read my book and wiped tears out of my eyes when I thought about the overwhelming generosity of my friends.

It’s hard living on the other side of the world from your family, and at times, especially during major shifts like this, it can be daunting to be all alone. But my circle of girlfriends is a force to be reckoned with at times, a little makeshift family that orbits around one another.

This experience is, I think, the kindest and most generous thing any one has ever done for me. They knew how badly I wanted a quiet evening / morning to myself before the baby comes, and they also knew I would never do it or myself. So they did it for me, and I am grateful.


I spent the morning in the spa, finished the book I’d been working on for an eternity, and then walked home in the crisp October sunshine. What a wonderful sprinkle it was!


It’s pumpkin season, b*tches! So of course we kicked things off with a step-by-step tutorial outlining how to make your own homemade pumpkin purée. It’s easier than you think! Click here to pin the recipe.

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And of course you’ll need something to do with all that pumpkin purée, so why not start with this super tasty Pumpkin Mac and Cheese? Since pumpkin purée replaces some of the cheese in the sauce, this mac and cheese is not only super seasonal, but also on the lighter side. Click here to pin this recipe.

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These are the five most popular posts on Hey Nutrition Lady over the last week!

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3. Black Bean and Quinoa Freezer Burritos. Somebody make me a batch! Pin this recipe.

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icon of globe with text "what's good around the web"1. Food Waste Wars: When a food justice organization accused Imperfect Produce of taking their customers, it unearthed a larger set of questions about the latest food-systems investment frenzy.

2. What’s actually in your canned pumpkin purée? Now you know!

3. A new study shows how mushrooms (yes, mushrooms) could save bees.

4. Being that it’s breast cancer awareness month, I thought this was appropriate to share: High fruit and vegetable consumption may reduce risk of breast cancer.

5. Nice to see this year’s Nobel Peace Prize awarded to some truly worthy recipients, both working to end sexual violence.


  1. Mary says

    Oh Katie how wonderful for you to be spoiled by your fabulous friends! I’ve been thinking of you lately and hoping you are doing well. I look forward to hearing when baby arrives!
    Love Cousin Mary

  2. Michelle says

    Karma Katie!! Love to see it in action–all that good you’re throwing into the world coming right back to you. And how awesome are your superhero girlfriends?! Thanks for sharing such an upbeat, feel good (despise that sometimes necessary phrase) post today! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it especially after the rather hellish past week or so. Loved it! Off to make the carrot, apple, ginger smoothie with the 732 pounds of apples we’ve picked!

  3. Anne Titcomb says

    Katie: While it doesn’t surprise me, I am VERY glad you are surrounded by such wonderful friends. It doesn’t surprise me because you are such a good friend and somehow when you are far away from family, having a close network of friends is such a comfort (this is understated). I remember a number of years ago you giving me wise, sage advice that was beyond your years. So appreciated!!! Remember you have nurtured this wonderful group of friends. But man, you deserve such amazing friends!!!

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