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This past week I wrapped up a bunch of work projects before the summer break, and got ready to shift into vacation mode.

Since we’re trying to make the best of our Swedish summer, Paul took the initiative to book a week at a summer house in the Stockholm archipelagos. We rented a car for a month so we’re able to bomb around as we wish, and I bought a couple of car seats to just have on hand to make future rentals easy. 

The kids are REALLY excited about having a car, since they go in one so rarely. On Friday we packed up the car (it was bursting at the seams) and drove about an hour out of Stockholm to our rental place.

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a boy in a car seat with an elmo toy

Niko started complaining about how long the drive was approximately five minutes in, which is funny because he’s done much longer car rides and 10+ hour international flights with next to no complaining. Just goes to show how cooped up we’ve been for the past few months. 

The place we rented is really great, with lots of space both inside and out, and easy access to the water. We bought Niko a wetsuit, which turned out to be a good idea since the weather hasn’t been great. The water isn’t too cold, but the air is pretty chilly when you get out, so it helps keep his skinny little body a bit warmer. 

a boy standing on a dock in a pink and black wetsuit

As much as I said that I didn’t really care about doing anything this summer if we couldn’t go home, I must admit it’s nice to get out of the city and just chill out. When you have kids in an apartment it’s constant strategizing to get them out of the house to burn off their energy, whereas here they can just run around out back. 

There are a lot of stairs, both in the house and around the property, which makes me nervous with Odin, but otherwise it’s great. 

a naked boy in a pink floating ring in a lake

Odie TKro living his best life

My anxiety level about ticks is pretty high, especially since we don’t get our second dose of the TBE vaccine, which provides full protection, until after this holiday is over. I bought a tick lasso to make removing them easier, but I’ve been having stress dreams about having to use the thing.

It’s actually kind of amazing that I’ve lived in Sweden for 10 years and have yet to have a tick myself, or have to remove one on anyone else. The closest I’ve come is seeing them on some dogs I used to look after, but there was always someone else on hand to get the little bugger out. 

Sunset over a lake with the trees and sky reflecting on the water

Earlier this week Odin got his first haircut. Not a professional one, but one by Paul, who fancies himself a bit of an amateur barber. 

It was long past time that he should have had his hair cut, but I just loved his long whispy baby mullet so much I couldn’t bring myself to cut it. I also knew that as soon as his hair was cut he’d look a lot less like a baby and a lot more like a boy, and sure enough, he does. 

It’s funny how those tiny milestones can seem so monumental at the time. He’ll have hundreds of haircuts in his life, and the period in which I have any control over them is fleeting at best. 

Still, this first major chop is bittersweet; my forever baby just that much less of a baby. 

a boy sitting on a wooden deck in a brown fleece

My three male readers might want to skim over this next section, because I’m getting gynocological.

Actually, eff that. Eff the patriarchy! Read on, male readers. Read on.

So, I’m testing out a set of period undies. They are undies, my friends, because I refuse to use the “P” word. 

Between an ancient set of cloth pads and a series of Diva Cups, I’ve been a waste-free menstruater (*humble brag*) for over 20 years now, but the period undies are new to me. 

I’m not sure if I’d wear them through a full cycle, but these days my post-kids early 40’s period goes kind of like, “Boom! You’re menstruating… no just kidding, that was only a test. Ok now. No, now. No nnnnnnnnow. Ok now for real! Guess what? Your period is over! Haha, no not really. Just a couple more days. Ok now done.”

I’m only a couple of days in, but so far I feel like the period undies will be perfect for those on and off days at the beginning and end of my cycle. I’ll still probably use the Diva Cup for the middle section of “legit” menstruation, 

What about you guys? Has anyone tested them out? Love them? Hate them? Tell me!

photo of an apple watch on a woman's wrist

Siri feels my pain

Thanks everyone who provided feedback on the potential meal planning business, either by email or comments on last week’s post. I have read them all, and appreciate all of the input.

I had to chuckle because one reader sent me a lengthy email with some great insights, and said that she was emailing because she didn’t want to clog up the comments section. 

Can I tell you a secret? Bloggers LOVE when you clog up the comment section! It makes our sites look more popular, both in the eyes of the all mighty algorithm, and to other readers who are encouraged to comment by your comments. So clog away!

In any case, there was some great feedback and insights based on using a variety of meal planning subscriptions, which has given us a lot to think about. If anyone else has thoughts, ideas, or suggestions, please let me know (emails and comments are both fine!)


Two brand new recipes came to the blog this week! First up was a super simple and very delicious Vegan Teriyaki Sauce

a glass jar of vegan teriyaki sauce with a bowl of rice and some ginger and garlic in the background

And because we obviously need something delicious to do with that sauce, a quick, easy, and tasty Tempeh Teriyaki

close up photo of a teriyaki tempeh bowl with brown rice and mixed vegetables and a pair of black chopsticks to the side


Yeah, yeah, we all know that Mung Bean and Coconut Curry is in number one. So let’s look at what else is trending.

1. Chia Fresca. Still holding strong in the top position.

2. Turmeric Latte Mix. Can’t stop, won’t stop. 

3. How to Cook Mung Beans. Dark horse! Second week in a row.

4. Peanut Butter Oat Bars. Perfect for summer road tripping. 

5. Black Bean and Quinoa Freezer Burritos. Always a good thing. 


David left the following comment and 5-star review on my Vegan Sloppy Joes with Lentils recipe:

Delicious! Wasn’t sure about smoked paprika but was a nice surprise! We had this over baked potato wedges. Thank you for sharing your recipe.

LOVE the idea of serving these sloppy lentils over Crispy Potato Wedges, David. Genius! 

a blue plate with vegan sloppy joes with potato chips and pickles to the side


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4. Is your sourdough starter taking over your life?

5. The difference between the eggs in the US and the rest of the world


  1. MACLEAN nASH says

    I havent ever used those types of period undies, but I use the term for my certain undies I wear during my period.
    I have been on the pill for 10 years and have been using a diva cup since menses but having a few undies for those limbo days before and after have always been a must for me. Plus, its a great way to say without saying – “btw Im on my period in case you couldnt tell from my crazy mood”.
    Please keep us posted on how they go!

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