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You guys, it is September tomorrow.

August was a big month in our house. Most notably, our sweet boy started daycare, which has been a major change for us all. For him, of course, shifting from spending all day with his parents to spending a large chunk of the day with other kids his age and wonderful teachers. For us, the balancing act of being two working parents and figuring out how we work daycare drop-off / pick-up into our schedules. So far it’s going well, though it has not been without tears and frustration along the way. Mostly though I am so thankful to live in a country with such amazing support for children and families.

when in doubt, donate

And on that note, this month’s donations are all about the kids.

First, I made a donation to the Swedish Child Cancer Foundation (Barncancer Fonden). Friends of ours have boys who are turning two and three in September, and this year in lieu of birthday gifts they have asked for donations to the child cancer foundation in support of their friends who have a 2.5 year old son who is battling leukemia.

Second, because there is no such thing as other people’s children, I made a donation to the Texas Diaper Bank to help support those in need as a result of hurricane Harvey.

the muffin myth in other places

This month I was on Hello Glow busting the myth that you need to eat breakfast in order to be healthy. You don’t! Eat when you’re hungry, folks.

a little bit delicious

I’m trying to cram in as much summer produce as possible while it’s still around. This Sweet Corn and Zucchini Risotto from Kitchen Treaty is definitely on my list. And that basil oil? *swoon* And it’s dairy-free to boot, so perfect for those of you who are vegan, sensitive to FODMAPS, or lactose / casein intolerant.

Alissa’s recipes are always a lot of fun, and these Vegan 7-Layer Burritos are no exception. Lookit all those tasty layers up in there! In a handy burrito form!

Lastly, a sweet treat to tuck into your lunch box if you will. These Healthy Chocolate Fruit Nut Clusters from Food to Glow are just darling, and I think they’d be perfect with an afternoon cup of tea.

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last but not least, the links!

1. As human-caused CO2 emissions continue to rise, the nutrition profiles of our key crops are likely to change causing wide scale protein deficiency.

2. If everyone ate beans instead of beef, the US could almost meet greenhouse gas emission goals.

3. A month without sugar – one dietitian’s tell-all.

4. Anyone else have a kid who’s a picky eater? How to introduce vegetables to your toddler.

5. Food fight: brands clash over nutrition labels.

6. Is loneliness one of the neglected public health issues of our time?

7. Nutrition science isn’t broken, it’s just wicked hard.

8. Superpower and sickness: how being pregnant changed how this writer thinks about food.

9. Yes! Yes! Yes! –> It’s time to put an end to junk food fundraising.

10. An important read: Why scientists can’t agree on whether it’s unhealthy to be overweight.


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