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Hi friends! I’m a few days late with this post, but I wanted to get in out into the world for some weekend reading for you all to enjoy. There’s a good selection of articles below, some light and some heavy, but all worthy of your time.

We’ve had a good dose of family time over the past week, as our sweet boy turned two and we managed to stretch the celebrations out over four days or so. Last year when he turned one he pretty much hated his birthday party and refused to try even a smidge of his first cake. This year, on the other hand, he was all over it.

We had a small party on the weekend during which we learned about the kind of havoc five toddlers can wreak on your apartment in a matter of hours, but it was good fun even if we’re still cleaning up. It’s made me realize how quickly time goes, so I’m extra glad to have been putting away my phone and computer in the evenings and soaking up what time we have together.

When in doubt, donate

I want to keep my monthly donation going in 2018. I’ve been meaning to donate to the International Rescue Committee for a while, in support of the work they do to help refugees around the world. Most notably they’re involved in helping people in Myanmar and Syria, which is where I requested my money be used.

I also made a donation to Everytown, because I’m so, so tired of senseless and preventable acts of violence taking innocent lives. I can’t fathom sending my child to school and wondering whether I’m saying goodbye for the last time each time I send him out the door. Enough, already.

The Muffin Myth, in other places

On Hello Glow I wrote an article about whether Amino Acid Supplementation is necessary, and another all about dietary fiber; what it is, what it does, and why we need it in our diets!

Last but not least, the links!

1. Good Fats, Bad Fats.

2. What happens when you let babies feed themselves?

3. Low fat vs low carb: science says it doesn’t matter.

4. The one nutrition tweak you should make, according to dietitians.

5. Understanding leaky gut.

6. Why you should stop trying to lose weight.

7. Not cool, Weight Watchers. Not cool at all.

8. Gut microbes and colon cancer: what we’re starting to understand.

9. The real reason brown eggs are more expensive than white eggs.

10. Here’s how long you can freeze food before it goes bad.


  1. kellie@foodtoglow says

    As usual I appreciate you highlighting what we should all be reading. The two weight articles from the Washington Post are very interesting and the “should we ditch the diets?” one a perspective that chimes with my own. But it’s a hard sell to most of us because it goes against everything we’ve ever been taught to think about managing weight. But so much more body positive. But I do think there is a place for considered weight loss, but it needs positive support and work on body image to go with it.

    • Katie Trant says

      I totally agree, Kellie. I try to walk the line of supporting those who want to change their bodies in the name of better health, and also championing the size-positive movement and pushing back against fat shaming. It’s complicated, and requires the right combination of empathy, and insight to the complex inner and outer forces that impact our bodies, but not impossible.

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