What’s Good Around The Web!

what's good around the web!

Well here we are, friends. December.

I’m usually relieved to get November, my least favourite month of the year, behind me. This year, though, November brought with it so much exciting change it was hard to hold a grudge. Although it’s dark outside and the weather is blah, I’ve still been feeling pretty good.

To combat the dark, I treated myself to a beautiful new candle holder (not an affiliate link, I just really love it) and in the evenings after Niko goes to bed I’ve been lighting several candles around the apartment and soaking up the cozy ambiance as I work. I’ve also been indulging in a glass of wine here and there during the week, which is fairly out of character for me. Typically I keep my drinking days as Thursday through Sunday, but lately I’ve been feeling the urge on a Monday or Tuesday, which is weird, but I’m going with it.

I’ve made some interesting learnings in this first month, for instance that I do well working from home, but I also miss being challenged and working with my brain. Recipe development for this nutrition app I’m working on brings me less joy than I expected, but I’ve also started another exciting new contract that balances things out. And, I’ve had the opportunity to work with several new nutrition clients over the past month, which is always incredibly fulfilling.

This first month I’ve been insanely busy and have realized that woah, maybe I *can* make things work being my own boss lady. It’s made being out on my own slightly less terrifying already! It’s also meant that things have been a littler quieter around here than I would like, but I’m still working out the balance. Thanks for being along for the ride!

when in doubt, donate

The Muffin Myth donation of the month for November went to Mentor International the leading non-governmental organization working globally to prevent drug abuse. Mentor International also does important work with young refugees, pairing them with an adult who isn’t a parent or social worker in order to improve their self-confidence, language and communication skills in a new country, and support their continued education, among other things. A worthy organization, and one I’m proud to support.

the muffin myth, in other places

how to recover from antibiotics graphic from hello glow

Over on Hello Glow I shared an article about how to support your body while recovering from antibiotics as well as six simple food combinations that fight inflammation.


a little bit delicious

Question: do you follow The Muffin Myth on Facebook? Each and every day I share recipe inspiration, nutrition and health articles, and just generally good stuff from around the web. Jump over and hit follow to join in on the fun! I’m also curating a Pinterest board of healthy and delicious seasonal recipes called Healthy For The Holidays where you may find some inspiration.

carrot pate from natural kitchen adventures

I had the most amazing carrot pâté at a conference venue a few years back, and it’s been filed away under “must-recreate” ever since. Ceri from Natural Kitchen Adventures has shared this lovely Carrot Pâté with lime and coriander seed, and I know it will make a delicious and healthy addition to your holiday table.

tofu red lentil shakshuka from the full helping

I do eat eggs, but I don’t always love how baked eggs turned out. Enter this Tofu and Red Lentil Shakshuka by Gena from The Full Helping, and you’ve got a savory breakfast loaded with plant-based protein that’s sure to keep you going.

roasted rainbow carrot tartlets from food to glow

Lastly, my friend Kellie from Food to Glow is ever the queen of a brightly coloured and nutritious dish, and these Roasted Rainbow Carrot Tartlets with Beetroot and Goat Cheese are no exception. These would make a delicious and beautiful addition to your holiday table, no doubt about it.

last but not least, the links!


1. Why we crave comfort: a peek at the science of food + mood.

2. As if I needed another reason to love broccoli: Eating Broccoli May Fight Leaky Gut.

3. The FDA is in the process of deciding whether 26 ingredients qualify as dietary fiber.

4.This! This! This! Why we fell for clean eating.

5. This is what you eat when everyone is struggling for food.

6. Turns out the problem might not be gluten after all; a carb called fructan seems to be what’s causing all those tummy troubles. 

7. New reasons not to eat raw cookie dough (sorry!)

8. What’s your poo telling you?

9. Loving your food is (surprise!) good for you!

10. Nutrition is linked to brain health – and intelligence – in older adults.





  1. kellie@foodtoglow says

    Fructan is definitely my enemy. Ever since I”ve been careful to minimise it, et voila, gut is happy again. And I was so gutter (ha ha) to find out about the flour thing. I feel like I’ve been playing the odds for years with my past cookie dough eating ways. Interesting links as always. Thanks for linking to my carrot tartlets recipe, too 🙂

    • Katie Trant says

      It makes me so happy when people are able to narrow down what’s been giving them tummy troubles. For so many of my clients, FODMAPS of some sort or another are often the key.

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