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This week’s meal plan is brought to you by the letter M for Meltdown, which is what I had this weekend. I finished a first draft of my thesis (a whole five days ahead of schedule! who am I?!) in between a lot of tears and irrational yelling, and fuelled by a lethal combination of bourbon and dark chocolate on the hottest weekend we’ve had so far. The beast has been sent off for feedback / proof reading and will be getting some fine tuning this week, but I’d say I’m in good shape for the Thursday deadline.

meal plan May 26 - 30 // the muffin myth

This is a bit of a funny week because THESIS but also because Thursday is a public holiday here. I’ve made a quick and easy broccoli fried rice for a few lunches this week using a technique very similar to this springtime fried rice. Yum. On Wednesday I’ve got a lunch meeting with the other copywriters at work – we get together once a month or so and talk things out – and it’s supposed to be sunny so we’re going to pick up salads and have lunch in a park. I’ve replicated my favourite salad from the place we’ll be going before. Last time I went there I gambled on trying something new, but I won’t be making that mistake this time! Paul is doing a marathon on Saturday, so our Friday dinner will be his usual pre-race carbo load. And yes, I’m still straight up obsessed with overnight oats.


1. I’m sure you can imagine after having spent a year up to my eyeballs in research on sweeteners, I have a thing or two to say about the whole sugar phobia en vogue right now. It’s going to have to wait a bit, but for now, I like this article, particularly the infographic: Sorry, but there’s no such thing as a ‘healthy’ sugar. (Also, psssst)

2. Soy and cancer. To eat or not to eat?

3. Have you heard that American apples have been banned in Europe?

4. “The first step is promoting self-awareness, the trained realization that we are awash in scientific buzzwords—serotonin, cholesterol, hormones, neurons, vitamins, lipids—about which very few people have any real understanding.” Long but great article about why people believe in the magical powers of superfoods.

5. Obesity has topped tobacco as the #1 global health threat. 

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  1. Lisa (@healthynibs) says

    I am not surprised that US apples are banned in Europe. I enjoy eating apples with their skin, so I get concerned when grocers add additional substances to the outside of the apples. When they’re in season, I generally buy apples only at farmers markets.

  2. Lisa says

    I’m actually not surprised that US apples are banned in Europe. I love eating apples with their skin on, so I get concerned when grocers put additional substances to the outside of the apple. When apples are in season, I buy them only from farmers markets.

  3. erika says

    OH MAN THE APPLE STORY. Ugh gross. You’ve officially convinced me to never buy non-organic apples (although….I still may have to make an exception for Pacific Rose …). And sugar. Oh sugar. Bane of my cooking life. I keep having this nagging feeling that I should orient my blog away from baking because really, who needs another cupcake recipe?! Absolutely no one. Especially a “healthy” cupcake recipe. Your links are endlessly interesting and thought-provoking, as always! <3

    And congrats on finishing the draft of your thesis!!!!! That's HUGE!

    • themuffinmyth says

      Oh Erika, don’t worry about the sugar. Sugar today is what fat was in the 90’s, and we see how the pendulum has swung. Just try to moderate and keep a balance. You post a good amount of savoury things too, so I’d say you’re in good shape 🙂

      • erika says

        Okay really?!?! That’s kind of what I was thinking. Except it really seems that sugar just has no benefit to your body, but maybe that’s all the brainwashing health media talking. In any case, thanks for making me feel better!! 🙂

  4. Cammy says

    I do understand what they are saying about sugar, I do. It’s just that my body doesn’t. My weight drops, my wrinkles go away and in fact my urge to always be eating dissapears when I eat only non refined and raw sugars. Sorry Huff Post, I’m gonna side with my body on this one 🙂

    • themuffinmyth says

      Did you read the article I posted a few weeks back called Mind over Milkshake? Pretty interesting stuff about how the body-mind connection works when one believes they are consuming something more or less healthy. From a much more reliable source than the huffington post, no less. But at the end of the day, probably the most amazing, and frustrating, thing about nutrition is how individual it is. For me it makes no difference to take in raw / refined sugars, just can’t really eat treats these days at all.

    • themuffinmyth says

      I’ll also point out that restricting your sugar intake to natural sugars changes the way you eat (no more half kilo of blue whales) which will of course have an effect on your overall well being. It would be interesting to do a side by side comparison of the same foods with different sugars.

  5. [email protected] says

    All of your links are of supreme interest to me so I shall take my time and read them properly. I have already read the no such thing as health sugar piece, and feel it wasn’t quite complete. And the commenters seem a bit confused (almost always more entertaining reading the comments!). I look forward to your own published work. I will read it knowing the blood, sweat, tears, bourbon and dk chocolate that went into it 😉

    • themuffinmyth says

      Agreed re: the sugar article (especially the comments). But one of the thing that irks me on the whole sugar debate is when someone says they don’t eat sugar or post a recipe that is ‘sugar free’ then the 2nd ingredient is honey or agave. Still sugar!

      The process of taking my thesis work from thesis to publishable article (assuming it even gets accepted) will take several months so I’m afraid you’d be waiting quite a while. But if you’d like to read the thesis, rough as it may be, I’m happy to send it to you once it’s in submittable shape.

  6. Deena Kakaya says

    Well done and congratulations on seeing your thesis through and for realising your targets. I bet you are feeling wonderfully proud and relieved. I hope to see some of the fruits of your labour!

    Your link on the relationship between soy and cancer was really interesting, we have talked about so much over the years in our house because I eat a lot of it. I’ve eaten it for various reasons…even to lift my mood in some phases of life. Incredible isn’t it. X

    • themuffinmyth says

      Oh it’s not done yet, Deena. But a finished first draft has been sent off for feedback, and now I start polishing before the Thursday deadline. Then I have to defend this sucker next week! But it’ll all be over very soon… can’t wait!

      • Deena Kakaya says

        Gosh, you are hitting all these milestones, does it feel huge? I love the feeling that I’m actually moving a forwards and doing stuff. When I’ve stood still for longer than I desire do tend to get get those itchy feet. Well done and hope you celebrate hitting these big milestones xx

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