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meal plan May 4-8 // www.heynutritionlady.com

Wow, the first of May already?! How in the heck did that even happen? It’s a long weekend here in Stockholm, and, typically, it’s grey and a bit chilly outside. We’re chilling out with glasses of rosé nonetheless; it’s the Swedish thing to do.

So, there’s this kale and edamame stir-fry thing I’ve been making for my lunches recently and I’m straight up obsessed with it. I think I’m going to have to post it here for you guys sometime soon. On Tuesday I’ve got a looooong day of meetings and I won’t get my swim in, so I’m having a protein smoothie for breakfast, and packing something a portable wrap for lunch since I have no idea where or when it will be. That’s another recipe I’m testing out and hope to share with you soon!

Now, on to the links!


MM_Web_Icon_FINAL1. Many people consume sweets in response to stress. New research may explain why.

2. Also, this study explains why our brains make us snack.

3. File this one under no duh –> Choosing water over sugary drinks may cut diabetes risk by 25%.

4. People love chickens that are “vegetarian fed.” But chickens are not vegetarians.

5. News flash! When you make kids’ meals healthier by default, they still eat ’em up!


  1. Ale says

    I love your “What’s good around the web” posts. I wait for them every week!!! Thank you for sharing so interesting links.

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