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Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a great Good Friday wherever you are. We’re having a chill day puttering around the house, going for long walks with our favourite dog, and having dinner with some friends. While doing dinner prep I was making a half recipe of a dessert for this evening (a lemon pudding cake), only to realize that I’d included the full amount of butter. Dang it! After careful consideration I decided that the only reasonable way to save the recipe was to make the full amount, so we’ve got dinner for four and dessert for 12 tonight!

Since Monday is a holiday I’m going to go for a smoothie bowl for breakfast to experiment with some ideas I’ve got rattling around in my head. Lunch is going to be a fancy sandwich! I hate making sandwiches for packed lunches. We’ve got a system down where they last most of the week in the fridge, but I find mass producing them stressful. But making on sandwich to enjoy on the spot is totally my jam, and since I’ll be working from home on Monday that’s what I’m going for. The rest of the week is fairly ordinary… until we get to Friday! We’re off to Paris on Friday morning where Paul will run his spring marathon. So breakfast will be a smoothie, lunch will be something portable I can take on the flight, and dinner will be something French!

On to the links!

MM_Web_Icon_FINAL1. Why do we love junk food so much? Some really interesting insights here.

2. Are you taking fish oil? Turns out the health claims around these supplements aren’t supported.

3. Listen up fellas! Pesticides on vegetables and fruits have been linked to lower sperm counts.

4. Grocery stores are losing you. Here’s how they plan to win you back.

5. Many of you probably read Angela Liddon’s award winning blog Oh She Glows. Angela recently wrote a brave, honest and heartfelt post about why she’s not raising her daughter vegan in spite of being vegan herself. The backlash to that post from some members of the vegan community was incredible. Angela wrote a follow up post explaining that she’d been attacked and threatened both in the comments (of which there are nearly 500) and by email. Shortly after, I read this post about dealing with the horrendous comments that started flowing in immediately after posting Monica Lewinsky’s worthy Ted Talk online. All of these things are connected and are worth your time, but I’ll quickly summarize the main point – be the voice. Negative comments create a space for other negative commenters, but when they’re outweighed by positive comments the negative commenters and trolls no longer feel welcome. I for one applaud Angela’s post. Her decisions are rational, well thought out, and at the end of the day they’re HER decisions. How she wants to raise her child is her business and no one else’s. So let’s be good people, be kind to one another, and speak up with positive comments when we see online bullying happening. Cause it’s tough out there, and we’re all just doing our best.



  1. Linda @ Veganosity says

    I’m so appalled by the comments and threats that Angela has received. Those people give vegans a bad name, and it really makes me angry. Vegans are supposed to live a cruelty free life, and that includes being kind to human beings, regardless of their dietary choices.

    Thanks for the great links Katie. Enjoy Paris, good luck to your husband, and Happy Easter.

    • Katie Trant says

      I know what you mean. The very people who are accusing her of raising her daughter without compassion aren’t being compassionate themselves! It’s so bonkers!

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