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meal plan march 2-6 // www.heynutritionlady.com

I flipped back through my notebook this morning and realized that I started writing these meal plans exactly one year ago! I didn’t start sharing them here until towards the end of April, but was sketching them out for myself and sharing them on instagram. It was interesting to flip back and what I’d been eating over the course of a year and remember when I was experimenting with a different style of eating (I went though a low-carb phase that lasted approx two weeks) or what was in season or trending at a particular point in time.

This week I’ve welcomed overnight oats back into my life with open arms. I’ve been making a riff on this recipe, but I’ve also got a fun twist in the pipelines for ya. I’ve also decided to sort of kind of take a break from intermittent fasting. I love it as a way of eating, and I believe I’ll go back to it in time, but at the moment it doesn’t feel right for me. I’m still keeping Mondays and Wednesdays as very light eating days, and still within about an 8 hour window, but am adding a bit of a snack before I go for my lunch-hour swim. Writing about this way of eating and my thoughts on it is very much on my to-do list, and will hopefully appear in a post very soon. And I’m still working out the recipe for those curried cauliflower wraps. Almost there! Now, on to the links.


MM_Web_Icon_FINAL1. Is the junk-food era drawing to a close? Let’s hope so!

2. Inside the food industry: the surprising truth about what you eat.

3. Unraveling the gluten-free trend.

4. How should we eat? Mark Bittman sifts through the recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, a nutrition panel that helps update and revise federal dietary guidelines.

5. A new study suggests that feeding infants peanuts could prevent allergies. This is very interesting, and the theory makes good sense to me. But just for some perspective (and because I have several people with potentially lethal peanut allergies in my life) read this as well.



  1. Cammy says

    When Jude was born they gave me all the guidelines about what to introduce and when in terms of avoiding common allergens(which I largely ignored, but I digress). Then a mere three years later when Lexie came along a candid public health nurse admitted “that was never proven or even really researched, just speculation that we taught as fact to every parent to walk through these doors”. What!? Oh jeez.

    • Katie Trant says

      I think that situation is relatively common, but hopefully now with better research and more critical thinking and questioning happening, we’re getting to the root of these things. Still, allergies do happen with some kids very early (such as with that 2nd article I posted) early exposure or not.

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