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meal plan February 23-27 // www.heynutritionlady.com

How bonkers is it that this is the last meal plan for February?!

I’ve decided this week to practice what I preach and I’m making some of the same meals that I’ve put on a recent meal plan for a client. A big bowl of roasted vegetables, chickpeas, and a bit of quinoa. So simple, but so delicious. I also realized that I’m craving the fresh flavours of parsley and lemon these days, so I’m whipping up a simple carrot salad that I’ll pair with a bit of protein (probably chickpeas) on my lighter eating days. I know I’ve got at least one meeting that goes over lunch next week, and lunch is usually provided for us. I might still pack my own as I like to know what I’m eating, and the place my office orders lunches from has limited vegetarian options all of which contain an obscene amount of cheese. I mean, I like my cheese, but there are limits. What’s on your meal plan next week?

On to the links!

MM_Web_Icon_FINAL1. The dangers of the appearance driven diet. This is so important.

2. Sweet, salty, sour. Is it time to make fat the 6th taste?

3. Nutrition recommendations are poised for some pretty interesting changes: Think of the earth, not just your stomach.

4. With recommendations on dietary cholesterol about to change, many people have questions about the difference between cholesterol in our diets and cholesterol in our bodies. This should help clear things up.

5. Science says your FitBit is a joke.



  1. Linda @ Veganosity says

    I’ve never been on a diet. I don’t believe in them. This story makes me so sad and angry, because I know many girls who are my daughter’s age that deal with eating disorders. We need to start teaching our kids at a very early age that the goal is to be healthy, not skinny. Also, parents need to lead by example.

    It makes me so happy that U.S. dietary guidelines are changing this year. Not only is this better for the environment, it’s better for humans and the animals. A win-win for everyone!

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