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Hello folks! Another Friday, another weekly meal plan for y’all. Nothing too out of the ordinary in the coming week. On Wednesday a dear friend and colleague is celebrating a milestone birthday so a group of us are heading out for lunch to celebrate. There’s a great ‘food studio’ near our office that does a noodle lunch. Think ramen, udon, and other classic noodle bowls but done with a Scandinavian twist. For the rest of my lunches this week I’m bringing back my Hallelujah Bowl, but since I did a cupboard inventory the other day and discovered an excess of quinoa, it’ll be with quinoa instead of brown rice.

I’ve realized lately that Friday is my least favourite dinner of the week. It’s the only one we don’t really plan out in advance. Well, we don’t plan Saturday’s either, but since Saturday is a day off we can flip through cookbooks at our leisure, shop for ingredients, and produce a nice date-night-in style dinner without the exhaustion of a work day behind us. On Fridays we usually get home from work and enjoy some wine and conversation, but I’m rarely in the mood to cook something, let alone have to decide what that thing should be, buy ingredients, and then cook, which is what usually ends up happening and it means quite a late dinner.

The thing is, our Friday dinner is very often structured around whatever training / racing Paul might have going on the next day. If he’s got a race or a mega workout planned, he might need a specific meal, and that can be hard for me to know a week in advance when I write out these plans. So the Friday meal will continue to be unspecified for the most part, but I’m going to work on ways to better plan around this. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, or favourite Friday meal inspiration are very welcome!


MM_Web_Icon_FINAL 1. The New York Times is doing some seriously good myth busting with this great article about habits: Turning a New Year’s Resolution into Action With the Facts.

2. Speaking of busting myths… will a gluten-free diet really make you healthier?

3. How to make sense of the constant onslaught of nutrition studies. It’s tough to sift through so much conflicting information even as a nutrition professional. This is a good guide!

4. Crazy news! (<– sarcasm) Turns out nutrient addition to vitamin waters and energy drinks offer little or no benefit.

5. Interesting new research on cocoa flavanols and cognitive function in the elderly. Note this refers specifically to cocoa flavanols, NOT to chocolate. Also note that this study is backed by Mars. However, it’s also published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which is the highest ranked nutrition journal, so I’m not sure the disclosed funding by Mars is a conflict of interest.




  1. kellie@foodtoglow says

    I saw that Globe and Mail article too. I shared it as I thought it was quite well written and accurate. A few more points I would’ve added (I bet you would too) but those are just the things I talk about in my cancer nutrition classes. As for your Friday dilemma we often have a stir fry or curry of some description, pulling a protein out of the freezer in the morning. I always make my own sauce/paste, but it is always easy stuff to bung in my blender (I keep lemongrass, lime leaves, turmeric root, etc in freezer). I had my first glass of wine (Champagne!) last night in weeks. One glass and I was quite merry. I wouldn’t have cared what I ate! PS It was someone’s birthday. I don’t just randomly have Champagne, as nice as that would be. 🙂

  2. Stephanie says

    My husband works a sort of shift work with twelve hour shifts. Three days and then three nights. On the third day shift (we refer to as “short change”) he gets in at nine pm, as usual. We often have a picnic. Wine, cheese, crackers, any pickles and condiments we have on hand and some cut up veg with dip. Very easy and a lovely treat, every time. Friday night for you?

    • Katie Trant says

      A sort of picnic dinner sounds like it could be fun! And we always get our groceries on Thursday evenings, so it could be a matter of making sure that picnic fare is acquired then and we’re ready to go for Friday. Great idea!

  3. Erika says

    UGH YES to the gluten-free article. I’m so mad I jumped on that bandwagon for awhile. I’m so easily taken in by trends, but I always find that just eating a moderate diet of everything always makes me the happiest, sanest, and healthiest. Plus, non-gluten-free baking is so much easier 🙂 Also loved the New Years resolution article–I don’t really have a specific one this year, but all good tips to keep in mind for school-related goals and such.

    Ooh ramen with a Scandinavian twist?! I don’t even know what that would look like, but it sounds delish. And reading your thoughts on Friday dinner totally made me realize that it’s one of my least favorite meals too–I go out for Friday dinner often enough so that when I’m home it’s weird and my fridge is usually empty and I end up eating cereal or something. But maybe if you make extra omelets on omelet night, you can use the leftovers in breakfast burritos or something on Friday! I <3 breakfast tacos.

    • Katie Trant says

      I don’t really do resolutions either, but I thought there was lots of great stuff in that article on habits, and I particularly enjoyed the bit on moderation since it’s something I preach so much – it was nice to read other perspectives on it as well. We often make extra omelet on Thursday that ends up in someone’s lunch on Friday, but making breakfast tacos (or similar) for dinner on Friday is a great idea!

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