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meal plan May 5-9 // the muffin mythAnother week, another meal plan. After I started writing this out I invited a friend over for dinner on Monday, so we’re actually going to have those tempeh taco salads for a Cinco de Mayo dinner on Monday evening and I’m going to have egg salad for lunch. I thought I’d try out this overnight oats recipe to change up my breakfast routine a bit. I’m also playing around with different versions of chia pudding before I settle on my favourite to share here. The carrot salad is from my friend Kellie’s blog, and I can’t wait to try it out. It looks fast and easy, and I just so happen to have all of the ingredients on hand, even the pomegranate molasses! The veggie burgers are these, which I have on hand in the freezer. Same goes for the cottage cheese muffins. For the tofu, I’m going to use the miso glaze from this recipe (which reminds me, I should make salad rolls again sometime soon).


1. What does cancer eat? (Is this fear mongering? I’d love to hear what you think…)

2. Living (and dying) on a diet of unintended consequences.

3. The lure of forbidden food – are you a reactive eater?

4. Magnesium is the secret for sleep problems. (Is it? I’ve been taking magnesium for sleep, and I’m not sure I notice any difference.)

5. Exercise vs Diet. Which matters more?

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  1. erika says

    I loved the lure of forbidden food article! I think I was probably most def one of those children who fixated on food. I envy people that don’t, but this just seems to be how I’m wired.

    Also, THOSE SALAD ROLLS. With miso tempeh. Sound SO good. I really need to not read food blogs early in the morning because it just makes me hungry! Your weekly menus never cease to astonish me with your organization + healthy eating. So inspiring!

    • themuffinmyth says

      I was like that too, Erika. I wonder if it’s how I was / am wired or because I wanted what I couldn’t have. My mom is a doctor and we had very healthy food in our house, and all I wanted was junk! Needless to say when first moved out on my own, that’s what I ate. How times have changed!

      The salad rolls are gooders. I’m glad for the reminder myself, must make again soon!

  2. Sandra says

    So many great articles…not sure which is my favorite! But I definitely want some of those salad rolls..yummy 🙂

  3. Tessa says

    Too right. The cancer loves sugar article is scary! And I just finished my 5000th (rough calculation) morning smoothie loaded with sugary fruits and veggies! Presumably if I burn it all off with my 50 minute brisk morning workout, and my healthy immune system has warded off all previous cancer attempts, and I otherwise maintain a not too radical diet, oh, and get some restorative sleep, I will survive another day.
    Seriously, these are good reminders to stay healthy.

    • themuffinmyth says

      It is scary, but like I said, I wonder if it’s a bit of fear mongering. I don’t think that fruit in your smoothie, or any fruit for that matter, or even the occasional cookie, should be looked at with fear. Nutrition info is in quite a state these days, isn’t it?

  4. Deena Kakaya says

    I do like the sound of that banana pie. Is that Kellie’s carrot salad? I too have taco on the menu for next week, but with an Indian influence.

    The link on forbidden foods makes such sense. Because my toddler is so uninterested in food, the general ‘rule’ for us is that whatever he wants to eat, he can. Interestingly, he always leans towards pasta, chappati with beans and crackers. If he went for ice cream I wouldn’t stop him, but he’s not bothered. My option is that food at this age is largely a sensory experience and variety is stimulating. But people don’t want all of it all of the time. X

    • themuffinmyth says

      It is Kellie’s salad! I’m curious about your fusion taco salad. Will it be on your blog? You’re right that some people are just disinterested in food, but many aren’t. I think it’s an interesting aspect to nutritional science, trying to understand this.


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