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meal plan december 15-19 // www.heynutritionlady.com

This is my last meal plan of 2014! Hard to believe time has flown by and next week is my last work week of the year. My parents are going to be in Stockholm for a couple of days early in the week and so we’re going to a traditional Swedish Christmas buffet (Julbord) on Monday evening.

The rest of the week is about eating down the fridge and freezer before we go away, hence the blank lunches on Tuesday and Thursday (those are also due to me being an idiot and taking the pictures before filling them in, but to be fair I also put on my shoes this morning before I was wearing any pants, so it’s hardly the biggest mistake I’ve made today).

On Thursday we begin the long trip to Bali. I’m not looking forward to the journey, but I’m super excited to get there and eat amazing Indonesian food and lie on the beach and read books and sleep and sleep and sleep. I’ll probably pack some healthy food for the first part of the trip, something portable like a wrap and some healthy snacks like hummus and veggies. I’m always paranoid I won’t get my vegetarian meal so I like to be prepared, plus airplane food is usually so gross I’ve never regretted packing something along.


MM_Web_Icon_FINAL1. Why McDonald’s says it wants to be in the schools. Scary.

2. Got one minute? Let’s work out.

3. Why so many of the health articles you read are junk.Yes!

4. How artificial sweeteners lead to diabetes. Yes again!

5. Healthful eating: get off the tightrope.



  1. kellie@foodtoglow says

    You highlighted a pet peeve of mine with the link about junk health articles/exaggerated press releases. Every week I speak to people about erroneously interpreted studies as reported in the press, via university pr departments. I agree with Linda that there should always be a link to the original published study or at least the abstract, as week as the lead authors names and links to how to contact them. I tell people that if this info is missing to note if the University or study centre is mentioned and do some sleuthing from there. It is a minefield, esp the confusion between causation and correlation. And as for McDonalds wooing schools, that is just sick. I still have a hard to time believing that McDonalds is allowed to set up shop in hospitals. On a happier note, have a WONDERFUL time in Bali. What a wonderful way to spend Christmas and recharge your batteries xx

    • Katie Trant says

      Thanks Kellie! I’m really looking forward to a ‘digital detox’ over the next couple of weeks, and lots of sunshine and sleep. You’re right about the confusion between causation and correlation, and I think that the mainstream media jumps all over this for sensational headlines. Such a shame. I wish that the mainstream media was subject to the same stringent ethical guidelines as science writing is in the first place.

  2. Linda @ Veganosity says

    McDonalds in schools is a scary thought; unless, they drastically change their menu.

    One of my husband’s biggest pet peeves is how the media interprets data, specifically medical data. He’s a science/math guy, and it drives him crazy when they report on scientific statistics. He always says that unless someone has actually studied statistics and has at least a minor in biology and/or chemistry, they shouldn’t try to teach the public. He always calms me down when I tell him about the most recent report on cancer, or some other disease that I’ve suddenly become convinced that I’ll get because of something that I’ve been eating or drinking. He also understands how important a peer reviewed study is, and a lot of the things that get reported are NOT peer reviewed. Junk science sells because it can be sensationalized.

    Have a wonderful time in Bali! It sounds like a dream vacation.

    • Katie Trant says

      I think it’s pretty unlikely McDonalds will change their menu! I’m with your husband. Some studies get a lot of attention when the science is bad, and other studies get no attention that have really sound science behind them. Unfortunately, sensation sells.

  3. Anne Titcomb says

    Mum and Dad are super excited to be coming to see you (so far they have landed safely in London). But I am super excited about your trip to Bali – it sounds so luxurious. Hope you are well – lots of Christmas hugs to both you and Paul.

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