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Hi Folks! I hope you all have had great Halloween weekends. Halloween is only just starting to be a thing in Stockholm, and it’s not well understood yet. But we were lucky enough to be invited to a Halloween party (I went as Juno, rocking the bump) and I made a huge batch of devil’s food cupcakes with dark chocolate ganache and white chocolate spider webs to take along. Now I’m home with way too many left over! I suppose there are worse problems to be had…


MM_Web_Icon_FINAL1. Have you heard the news?  The WHO just ranked processed meats alongside smoking as cancer causes.

2. What milk should I drink? <– A worthy read.

3. Seven tips for cutting down on food waste.

4. The instagram effect: are photos of food fuelling obesity?

5. How salad can make us fat. And no, it’s not the dressing.

curried cauliflower chickpea wraps - a great make-ahead lunch! // www.heynutritionlady.com

Finally, a weekend at home to get caught up on my meal planning game and re-stock the freezer! Have you tried these curried cauliflower chickpea wraps yet? They’re one of the most popular recipes on The Muffin Myth, and with good reason! Jam packed full of good nutrition, incredible flavour, and they’re freezer friendly to boot. I’m working on a butternut squash riff in sandwich form that I hope to share with you soon.

In other meal planning inspo from around the web, this Roasted Butternut Squash and Pear Salad with Lentils from The Roasted Root is calling my name. Also, this Roasted Butternut Squash Sandwich with Balsamic White Bean Spread from Connoisseurus Veg. And I’m loving the looks of this Butternut Squash Soup with Pumpkin Seed Granola from Health Inspirations. Clearly it’s butternut squash or bust this week!



  1. Stephanie Mitchel says

    Great post! The links you’ve shared are leading to very interesting and helpful articles. During last fewmonths, I’m trying to reduce the food waste of my family, and ‘Seven tips for cutting down on food waste’ was very helpful. I got some great ideas on mind. Thank you!

  2. Dennis says

    As someone with calcium and lactose issues, I am interested in any milk debate. As always, the moderation and variety advice is what I aim for. A cup or so of almond milk, a cup or so of chai with milk (not too skinny on the fat), and a ‘supplement’ of calcium. I hope that whatever I put on the table after that will be good enough to make up the rest.
    As you can see, I read your WGATW and factor that all in.
    Thanks, Katie!

    • Katie Trant says

      Moderation always seems to be the answer at the end of the day, I don’t know why we spend so much time seeking out anything else. But the milk debate is an interesting one, and I rotate through a few different milks myself.

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