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Happy Friday, folks! What’s Good Around the Web is back by popular demand (and because I really like doing this weekly roundup) so here we are with five interesting food, nutrition, and health articles from around the web.

For the time being I’ve decided to stop sharing the weekly meal plans that I was posting along with this roundup each week. There are a couple of reasons for this, but the biggest one is that my eating is so wonky right now. I’m thinking about ways to share meal planning inspiration that better fits my current needs while still being helpful to you folks, and when I’ve figured that out I’ll let you know.

I also thought I’d go back to posting this weekly roundup along with a snapshot from my weekly life. This week was a pretty exciting one in our family as my crazy maniac endurance athlete of a husband and his SwimRun racing parter Björn became SwimRun world champions. This is sport that started in Sweden 10 years ago, and is starting to gain traction around the world. The championships are held each September in the Stockholm archipelago where teams of two race across 26 islands. They swim in the cold and choppy Baltic sea from island to island, then traverse technical terrain as they race across each island before jumping back in the water to swim to the next one. It’s a total of 10km swimming and 65km running, and Paul and Björn won the race in a time of 8 hours and 29 minutes. Bonkers! The above photo was in the newspaper the next morning, and I love it so much I’ve contacted the photographer to see about getting a print or high res file.

On to the links!

MM_Web_Icon_FINAL1. Since it’s back to school and back to work time for many of us, here are five ways to pack a better work lunch.

2. Alkaline diets: Does your body’s pH matter?

3. The huge thing everyone got wrong about the paleo diet.

4. Kids notice everything: Mom, when do grown-ups stop eating breakfast?

5. Does your mouth itch when you eat apples and other fruits? You might have oral allergy syndrome.




  1. Linda @ Veganosity says

    Congratulations to your husband and his running partner. That’s amazing!

    Loved the article on the alkaline diet. I almost fell into that trap until I read a similar article. I figure that I eat so healthy that I can’t obsess about what fruits and veggies are acidic or alkaline.

  2. [email protected] says

    Oh gah, I must have an oral allergy then. Didn’t know it was a proper thing – kiwis mainly but sometimes other fruits. I can’t handle tomatoes long as my hands get really red and itchy, but eating them is fine (thank goodness). I shall leisurely look at your awesome links over the weekend. Congratulations to Paul and Bjorn for being kings of a cool sounding sports event. My hubs would love that, but he’s nearly 50 so probs shouldn’t try such new things. Although he’s wing-walking this weekend. Don’t ask…

    • Katie Trant says

      I’ve known some people to have northern stonefruit allergy where they react to things like cherries and peaches if they aren’t cooked, but it seems like this oral allergy syndrome covers a much wider spectrum! I definitely had a bit of an itchy mouth while eating a kiwi this morning but thought that was because it was underripe. Ok, so I just had to look up wing walking and that’s all kinds of crazy! Paul says he needs a new sport now, but I’m hoping that isn’t it!

  3. Heather says

    Re the alkaline diet. The Chateline article states ” a low PH diet…..”. Surely that would be an acidic diet or have I got this PH thing backwards and therefore the. reason why balancing my hot tub is so difficult. I thought ph less than 7 is acidic and greater than 7 basic. Did they just make an error?

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