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the muffin myth is going to NYC!

Happy Friday, folks! There’s no meal plan this week because tomorrow morning I’m leaving on a jet plane for New York City!!! It’s my first time there and I’m beyond excited. I’m meeting one of my best friends in the entire world there (it’s half way between Vancouver and Stockholm), and we get to spend a whole week together! So my meal plan for next week basically looks like a NYC eating wish list. It includes:

  • Ordering in (there isn’t delivery in Stockholm, so I’m so serious about this. Such a treat!)
  • New York pizza
  • New York bagels (must compare to the Montreal bagel!)
  • Something from Momofuku Milk Bar
  • Cupcake from Magnolia Bakery (so cliché, but I’m going for it!)
  • A falafal from this place my friend Amy says I must try

And more! If you’ve got any suggestions or must-see, must-shop, must-eat places, let me know! I want it all!!!

So, no meal plan for next week, but I am planning some food for the long flight. I like to take my own because I’m always paranoid that they won’t have my vegetarian meal (that happened to me once on a transatlantic flight and now I’m always prepared!) but also because airplane food is usually unappealing and nutritionally void. So, I’m going to pack some overnight oats topped with chopped fruit, which I’ll probably eat at the airport while I’m waiting for my flight. I’m also going to pack one of these curried cauliflower chickpea wraps so I know I’ll have something delicious and nutritious to eat on the flight. And, I do this weird thing while traveling where I take a bar of dark chocolate for snacking on the flight, don’t eat it, carry it around for the duration of the trip, and then bring it back home. So I’ll probably pack the same chocolate bar that I schlepped around Bali in December. For real. On to the links!


MM_Web_Icon_FINAL1. Distorting nutrition facts to generate buzz. A worthy read.

2. The Fiber Bar: a food that deludes. Yes! My favourite line: “these virtuous arguments [for the fiber bar] obscure a much simpler truth: Most of us would simply rather eat a candy bar than a handful of nuts and an apple. And we want permission to eat the candy bar.

3. Vitamin-packed with promises – the history of nutrition supplements.

4. 2015’s Dirty Dozen: your guide to the produce with the most (and least) pesticides. And, just to stir things up and look at both sides of an argument, Why You Shouldn’t Buy Organic Based on the “Dirty Dozen” List.

5. Before you conclude that you’re gluten sensitive, consider FODMAP foods.




  1. Kate says

    I love your round ups – this is completely invaluable. I kind of want to ditch work for the afternoon and spend it reading these articles instead 🙂

  2. Jennifer says

    The Radio City Music Hall tour in NYC is worth it–beautiful building and facinating history. I hope you have a lovely trip!

  3. Debbi Basini-Herman says

    Hi Katie,

    Safe travels to New York….we just got clobbered with a lot of snow, so you should be fine. Clear weather, the sun will be out and things should warm up. Wear boots that can take the wet slosh on the sidewalks. Also dress in layers with a hat as walking past some of the tall buildings out of the sun, it gets cold. Enjoy Katie and please report back next week on your New York City adventures.

    Debbi Basini-Herman

    • Katie Trant says

      Thanks for the advice, Debbi! Boots are definitely on my packing list, and layers is great advice. I’ll be posting pictures on instagram, so be sure to follow along there!

  4. Linda @ Veganosity says

    Great links Katie. I especially liked the one about fiber bars and candy bars. I always laugh when I hear people say that they’re really good for you! Not!

    I’ve been hearing all kinds of good things about a new vegan creperie that just opened in Brooklyn. It’s called the Little Chocolate Apothecary. Here’s the link https://www.chocny.com/ Have a great trip!

  5. Tessa says

    The FODMAP article is brilliant. Gluten intolerance I have researched and have discounted for obvious reasons. But I eat a lot of foods on the high FODMAP list and I do have problems which I was beginning to wonder if they might be IBS. I am going to try changing it up a bit. This would be such a simple solution.
    (I love that big cuppa chai made with milk in the afternoon!)
    I second the Radio City tour.

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