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This photo was taken on Wednesday during a crazy blizzard during which 30cm of snow dropped down over the course of the day. Trains stopped running early in the day, and by 3pm the city stopped bus service as the busses were having difficulty navigating the snow drifts. Even schools were shut down, which apparently almost never happens here. I watched it from the warmth of my apartment, and went for a snowy walk later in the evening once the wind had died down a bit.

What’s good around the web is a weekly series where I share some of what I’ve been reading around the web. Each week I’ll be posting links to five nutrition related articles, good recipes, and just general good reads. I hope you enjoy it! If you’ve got at article or recipe you’d like to see featured, please email me.


1. What do you know about the glycemic index? Is it a good indicator of a food’s healthfulness? This article explains it really well.

2. Are the men in your life secretly dieting? Are you a guy sneaking secret salads for lunch? Fess up! Your health is important!

3. Five reasons for holiday weight gain – and suggestions for avoiding it.

4. Does the BPA risk assessment need reassessing?

5. Pecans! These delicious nuts turn up in all kinds of holiday dishes, both sweet and savoury. Like all nuts, pecans should be consumed in moderation. Here’s some great nutrition info all about pecans.

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  1. jacquie says

    thanks so much for the link to the article on the gylcemic index and factor. I never realized there was a difference btween the two but rather thought they were the same with some people using one word and others another. I have a much better understanding of the concept now and where it fits in with other nutrional information.

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