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Happy Father’s day to all the rad Dads out there! This is a picture of my Dad holding a picture of him holding me when I was a baby. He liked to hold me like that until he dropped my on my face one time (maybe even still after, I dunno), which he likes to say sounded like a pound of raw hamburger hitting the floor. I like to think I still turned out just fine. Fathers of the world, I salute you!

What’s good around the web is a weekly series where I share some of what I’ve been reading around the web. Each week I’ll be posting links to five nutrition related articles, good recipes, and just general good reads. I hope you enjoy it!

If you’ve got at article or recipe you’d like to see featured, please email me.

What’s good around the web?

1. This is an important news report to watch (the video is about 9 min long). Japan debates giving up growing their own food as aging farmers retire. What do you think about this important issue? Let’s get a discussion going in the comments section!

2. Along with food security, food safety issues are one of the things that scares me about a globalized food system. This is a long but good read: why do the food industry and government place the onus for safety on consumers?

3. I think this study on consumer perceptions of whole grains and fiber content of foods is interesting. They totally lost me in the last paragraph, though.

4. What do you think of this issue of banning bake sales in schools?

5. Cilantro limeade? Yes please! I’d for sure toss some gin in there too.

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  1. Cammy says

    I think Suzuki has it right on the money. Should there be a global emergency, every country must be able to produce their own food to support their population. I also like that he brings up the sense of community brought forth by farming.

    Re: fruit loops. Reminds me of our whole grain discussion. You can make junk food whole grain, but that doesn’t mean it’s not junk food!

  2. Tessa says

    Lot’s of issues around food. Our concern is how to get something reasonably priced and satisfying on the table fast. Not old world Japan, even in Japan.
    I would no more trust a food article by Kellogg than I would eat a Froot Loop! Baffling.

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