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Hey friends! First of all, thanks so much for all of your lovely words regarding our news! Pregnancy is such an interesting time, and it’s incredible the shifts that can happen in your body, energy levels, mood, and appetite, even day to day.

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I’ve definitely been struggling with energy much more this time around (even though my iron is in tip top shape!) and when I’m working from home the temptation to just crawl into bed is ongoing and very real. My interest in cooking has also waned; not that I’m not interested in eating, I’m just too damn tired!

I really need to muster some energy to fill our freezer up with single-serve meals like freezer burritos and lasagnas and the like, first of all so I can go back to practicing what I preach, but also because I’ve been buying lunch out more often than I’m willing to admit. Like, every day. It has to stop!

When In Doubt, Donate

Some months when I pull this post together it’s a bit of a struggle to decide where to donate. Not this month.

This month’s donation went to Together Rising’s Emergency Love Flash Mob For The Children. I love Glennon Doyle and the work that she does through Together Rising. I love that the emergency love flash mobs are well thought through, with a good understanding of where every penny will go and how it will be put to use. I love that she turns her attention to wherever the need is greatest in the moment, from Aleppo to Arizona.

Immigration is a complicated issue, especially when it comes to asylum seekers. It is complicated, but this is not. Separating families is not ok. Tearing babies from the arms of their mothers is not ok. As a mother and as an immigrant, I’m horrified by this situation, so it was an easy decision to throw my money at it this month. I implore you to act as well.

The Nutrition Lady, In Other Places

It’s been a busy month for The Nutrition Lady! On Hello Veggie I wrote a primer on B12 for vegetarians, breaking down what you need to know about this important nutrient. I also did some myth busting around multivitamins and whether or not they’re needed.

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On Hello Glow I shared some thoughts on what might be causing out of control late-night snacking, and what you can do about it. I also created a 24-hour healthy gut reset meal plan, which comes with a printable shopping list and all the recipes you need to get going!


Last But Not Least, The Links!

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5. Being called fat in early teens (especially by family members) tied to later eating disorders.

6. Seven reasons not to compliment someone on weight loss (and what to say instead)

7. Your guide to making superfood mocktails.

8. Diet and cancer risk: the latest research evidence.

9. Plant-based diet got you feeling bloated? Here’s what to do about it.

10. How to take a mental health day.




  1. Elizabeth Hughes says

    Love your fresh, thoughtful approach to food prep and consequently good nutrition. I am always looking for ways to make meal planning efficient and my meals even more (!) delicious.

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