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And here we are, the last day of July.

It’s also the last full day of our summer holiday back in BC where we’re busy trying to stuff as many sun-ripened blackberries into our mouths as possible, soak up the sun, and deeply inhale the smell of this place to commit it to memory until next summer.

when in doubt, donate

This month’s donation went to the Canadian Red Cross for those affected by the BC wildfires. Wild fires are common in BC each summer, but this year they hit close to several communities, displacing thousands of people. Keeping our forests and our people safe is a priority each summer, but this one more than usual.

the muffin myth in other places

I’ve got a couple of articles to share with you this month. Over on Hello Glow I wrote about common habits shared by healthy eaters.

last but not least, the links!

   1. Our gut microbes strongly influence our emotional behaviours.

2. Are you a carboholic? Insight on why cutting carbs is so tough. (ps – I love carbs and strongly believe they’re an important part of a healthy balanced diet.)

3. This is good news: you’re never too old to benefit from a change to healthy eating.

4. According to this study, trust in nutritional science is ‘deflating’.

5. Forecasting the next food fad: is Yacon the next Kale?

6. Five good reasons to eat beans.

7. Why eating everything in moderation doesn’t always work.

8. The soda taxes are finally succeeding.

9. Two diet wrongs don’t make a diet right: thoughts on What The Health documentary

10. Protein powder vs food: do you really need to supplement?



  1. Paula says

    Hi Katie! Thank you for all the awesome links. It can be really tricky to navigate the enormous amount of information (and separate the fact from the fiction) that resides on the web. P.S Loving the new look photos. 🙂

  2. Ale says

    We have Yacon here (Peru), and also quinua, and lots of other “super foods”. I am amazed how this is all common things for some poor regions of the country. Although the buzz increases the demand for their products, the prices are now so high that is makes it difficult to purchase them. Just see what happened with the avocados. They are now crazy expensive because they are exported to the North!! This is all good in a globalized market but it does have an effect on the health and economy of locals.

  3. Sandra Lea says

    Some really good stuff here, thanks for sharing. I found the article on carbs very interesting and informative.

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