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My child started walking in February, just before his first birthday, and has by now become much more stable, faster, more sure of himself, and has become a confident patron of playgrounds all around Stockholm. Although April is technically fully into spring, it sure hasn’t felt that way this year. It’s been cold, there has been snow, and people round these parts are getting fed up with this nonsense weather. In particular, Niko, who I have not bothered to buy winter coveralls for. We can still cram him into his 6-9 month coveralls – which served us well all winter long – but they’re no good for playing in the park, and since it’s bloody April I’m not buying winter stuff now. He seems happy enough to muck about in his jacket, toque, and regular pants, but I surely look like the most irresponsible parent at the park when all of the other children are layered up in muddy buddies and water proof pants and mittens, which my child refuses to wear. So please, May, I’m begging you, bring us some spring.

when in doubt, donate

My donation for April is going to the LAM Foundation. LAM, which is short for Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (say that five times fast) is a rare lung disease that affects women of childbearing years. A good friend of mine was diagnosed with LAM last year after a series of inexplicable spontaneous lung collapses, so it’s a cause near and dear to my heart. You can learn more about LAM here.

I also made a donation to The Guardian this month. They say fewer and fewer people are paying for the news, yet more and more people are reading online. In order to support quality fact-based journalism, subscriptions and donations matter.

the muffin myth, in other places

This month I was over on Hello Glow with an article about the best plant-based protein sources and another with 10 ways to get more magnesium (and why you should).

a little bit delicious

How cute are these matcha shortbread s’mores from The Pancake Princess?! Could really step our our campfire game this summer.

Loving the looks of this Green Goddess Club Sandwich from The Full Helping. Squirrley bread is one of the things I really miss from home, so I’ve got this sandwich bookmarked to try when I go back this summer.

My friend Kellie has nailed it yet again with this Golden Cauliflower Rarebit from Food to Glow. I love rarebit, and I imagine the bubbling cheesy sauce pairs just perfectly with the brined cauliflower. Can’t wait to try this one out!

I love a good veggie burger, and these Maple Sriracha Tempeh Burgers from Oh My Veggies have definitely caught my eye. I’m totally on team tempeh already, but I haven’t tried making tempeh burgers. Gotta get these going for grilling season!

I made these Asparagus Tacos from Not Without Salt the other night, and I highly recommend you get a batch of these into your face while asparagus is in season. They’re incredibly simple yet pretty fancy looking, so you can take your taco night to a whole new level. Get at it!

last but not least, the links!

1.  Healthy weight? You still may be at risk for heart disease.

2. Does good food count as health care? New research aims to find out.

3. Yo-Yo dieting may be doing damage to your heart.

4. Should cooking be a school requirement to improve health?

5. The relationship between food and mood.

6. Trans fat bans have been tied to fewer heart attacks and strokes.

7. Why are so many people popping vitamin-D?

8. When gluten is the villain, could a common virus be the trigger?

9. A new study has tied sugary drink consumption to accelerated brain ageing.

10. Earth day has come and gone, but it’s still important to think about how our diets affect the planet.



  1. Erika Kwee says

    OMG Katie!!! I’ve missed your what’s good around the web posts SO MUCH.

    1) I totally forgot/never knew nutritional yeast had so much protein!!! AWESOME. I love that protein chart so much, so helpful (also didn’t know broccoli was such a protein bro yay!)
    2) Thanks for the matcha s’mores shout out!! <3333
    5) now off to read about 5 of the articles you linked to!!! Hope all is well with you and the fam, so enjoying the photos of your adorable little one!!

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