Learn how to cook kidney beans from scratch with this simple step-by-step tutorial.  Covering three different ways to cook dried kidney beans, you'll end up with creamy, perfectly-cooked beans every time.

Thank you for this great guide! I used to be scared to cook kidney beans from scratch, but you've explained everything so clearly! -Stephanie

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1 cup dried kidney beans 4 cups water 1 teaspoon salt


In a large pot, combine dried kidney beans, water, and salt Place the pot on the stove over high heat. Bring to a boil, and then reduce the heat to medium-low, and simmer with the lid off until the beans are tender.


Add dried kidney beans, 3* cups water, and 1 teaspoon salt to your Instant Pot.  Set the Instant Pot to Manual / High Pressure for 42 minutes. – When the cooking cycle is complete, allow the pressure to release naturally for 15 minutes. T


Combine dried kidney beans, water, and salt in a pot on your stovetop. Bring to a boil, and maintain a rolling boil for at least 10 minutes.  Transfer the kidney beans along with the cooking water to your slow cooker. Slow cook the beans for 4 - 6 hours.


If you're cooking kidney beans in a slow cooker you MUST boil them on the stove top first for a minimum of 10 minutes in order to ensure they are safe to consume. Do not skip this step!

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