sweet potato lentil quinoa baby cakes

May has always been a month that has brought change to my life. Twelve years ago this May, a 20 year old me dropped out of a creative writing program at the University of Victoria, crammed some essentials into a suitcase, and left Canada alone for the first time, flying to New Zealand to work… 

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no (refined) sugar chocolate coconut granola

My friend Lindsay taught me how to run. I mean, I was always physically capable, I think, but I had viewed running mostly as something that was necessary only when being chased. Or something conceived by my high school gym teachers, who would  torture us by seeing how many times we could run around the… 

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brown rice broccoli tart

We’re well into the final push with school; there are four weeks of classes remaining in the term, and then exams. As luck would have it, my last exam for my last semester is scheduled on the last day of the exam period. Typical. My sister-in-law, Cammy, is also finishing up her degree this term,… 

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how to cook dried beans

A little while ago I posted this recipe for Next Level Hummus, which calls for 4 cups of cooked chick peas. My lovely and talented friend Christa sent me a tweet with a gentle reminder that although I had called for cooked beans, I hadn’t included any instructions for actually cooking the beans. I told… 

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savoy slaw

Last weekend I had my first day off since I arrived back in Vancouver. The course I was supposed to be teaching on Saturday’s didn’t end up running, which, happily, freed me up to head over to the Vancouver Farmer’s Market Winter Market. It was the first time I’d seen the market running in their… 

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hej då, Stockholm

Well, the inevitable happened. Time passed, and, having exhausted the distance courses available to me, and failing to convince the university that I should be able to take more, it was time for me to leave Stockholm and head back to oh so rainy Vancouver. Before I left, Paul and I took the camera around Stockholm one… 

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poached eggs on crispy polenta

Well, hello December. Did anyone else blink and practically miss November fly by, quick and cold? November was interesting in Sweden; I’ve found the darkness really disorienting – as did I the nearly endless light in the summer months, but that was disorienting in a much more enchanting way than the wall of darkness now… 

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vanilla bean rice pudding

By all accounts the weather in Vancouver has been pretty dang cold lately, some days posting temperatures even colder than those here in Stockholm. Lets not even talk about the insanely low temperatures some of my favourite people are experiencing in Calgary and Saskatoon. Anyone need comfort food? Rice pudding is one of my go-to… 

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