I Hate Breastfeeding

I hate breastfeeding and I’m here to talk about it! I thought that perhaps, somewhere, someone out there needs to hear that I – the Nutrition Lady – too, hate breastfeeding, and that it might be helpful to hear how I’m trying to get my head around stopping, even as we’re bombarded with breast is best messaging, even with 10 years of nutrition education.

Hey Nutrition Baby!

This little guy came storming into the world on Thursday October 18th at 12:40am. And I do mean storming; a little over two hours of intense, active labour and a whopping four minutes of pushing, and suddenly we’re a family of four. Right now we’re spending some time getting to know each other and adjusting… 

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fresh baked

This little man came storming into our lives almost two weeks ago, in the wee hours of March 1st, 2016. He avoided being a leap day baby by a matter of hours, but when he decided he was ready to come he charged out at break-neck speed, clearly taking after his father and attempting to… 

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