snack attack! pistachios + dark chocolate

pistachios and dark chocolate for a little something something in the afternoon //

Real talk: sometimes you just need a little something something in the afternoon. Amiright? We all have those moments where a couple of apple slices just ain’t going to cut it. For those times I’ve got some important key words: Mindfulness. Portion control. This little snack of pistachios and dark chocolate satisfies both.

Not only are pistachios a wonder nut, but they’re what I like to call a ‘slow down food’ since you need to pop open each and every one of those shells. It takes a little extra moment than just shoving a handful of peanuts into your mouth, and that moment creates an opportunity for mindfulness. A quarter cup is the perfect snack-sized portion. Dark chocolate is the perfect partner to pistachios – as dark as you can stand it. I’ve chosen two squares of 85% chocolate here, and I tell ya, it leaves me satisfied.

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pistachios and dark chocolate for a little something something in the afternoon //



  1. Emma says

    Thats why I buy pistachios! I have to eat them slowly, and the act of breaking them open gives me an additional sense of satisfaction. Never had this snack combo but I will defs by trying it!

  2. Alissa says

    I’ve been keeping pistachios around for the exact reason you mentioned. They take quite some time to eat, and by the time I get through a small handful I’m satisfied. I’ll take your advice and pair them with some dark chocolate next time – sounds like a delicious combination.

    • Katie Trant says

      I can actually open pistachios pretty fast, but not as fast as I can shove other things into my mouth, so I appreciate the moment that they create. Definitely try pairing them with some chocolate next time!

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