Green Beans Gremolata

Green Beans Gremolata is an easy vegetable side dish that’s simple to make and packed with flavour. Made on the stovetop with a handful of ingredients you’ve probably already got on hand, this vegetarian recipe comes together quickly and can be made at the last minute or served at room temperature.

green beans gremolata on a white and blue platter topped with lemon halves
green background with images of iron rich plant foods on it

A Guide To Iron For Vegetarians

Ever wonder how you can get enough iron on a vegetarian diet? Well wonder no more! I’ve created a comprehensive guide to iron for vegetarians, including good sources of non-heme iron, ways to improve iron absorption, and more.

Just Between Us

Just between us is when we get together once a month or so and say the things that you think but don’t really say. Or you do say, but only to certain people. I’ll go first, then you share in the comments and everyone will feel a whole lot better. Just between us… 1. I… 

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jack o lantern and other pumpkins on a grey background

How To Cook A Jack o’ Lantern

Did you know that you can cook your Jack-o-Lantern? It’s true! Your halloween pumpkin is food! For details, food safety considerations, and instructions on how to make homemade pumpkin purée, read on!

pumpkin overnight oats in a jar with a decorative pumpkin in the background

Pumpkin Overnight Oats

Pumpkin Overnight Oats is a healthy vegan breakfast recipe you can make ahead. Sweetened with dates, this easy overnight oats recipe is no sugar and dairy free. Top with a bit of coconut whip for a decadent breakfast treat! #pumpkin

What’s Good This Week

The other day I was sitting in a meeting and reached up to tug my earlobe, and there it wasn’t: my diamond earring.  To be honest, I don’t really know if the diamonds were real or not. This pair of earrings, which I’ve been wearing for probably a solid 30 years, were a gift I… 

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lady holding a salad

Three Ways I Achieved a Healthy Relationship With Food

Three ways I achieved a healthy relationship with food: through structure and indulgence, by treating myself to the good stuff, and by gaining 10 pounds.

vegetarian ravioli bake on a grey surface with a grey tea towel to the side

Vegetarian Ravioli Bake

This Vegetarian Ravioli Bake is the quick, easy, and delicious 30-minute meal you’ve been waiting for. Made with fresh pasta and topped with lots of cheese, there’s enough greens in there to make this ravioli casserole a healthy dinner. If you love lasagna but are looking for something faster, this is the dish for you.

a stack of vegetarian quesadillas on a white plate sprinkled with herbs

Vegetarian Quesadillas with Pumpkin and Black Beans

These Vegetarian Quesadillas with Pumpkin and Black Beans are easy, healthy, and delicious! You can make a big batch of these oven baked quesadillas at once, which is perfect for meal prep or if you’re feeding a crowd. They’re freezer friendly too, and you can mix up the veggies, leave out the cheese for vegan quesadillas, or customize them any other way you like.

What’s Good This Week

My baby turned one on Friday. Odie TKro, the boy with the controversial name.  Electric-haired, impervious to sleep training, wide-smiling, chin-biting, hug-thumping light of my life. What a wild ride the last year has been.  When I look back, the past 365 days has indeed been the longest shortest year. At times it seemed it… 

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dark chocolate peanut butter cups on a marble surface

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Make your own Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups with only three ingredients! You can also switch things up and make Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Butter Cups for a fun twist on a classic. Easy to make and a healthier option, these are the perfect bite of something sweet to satisfy a chocolate craving.