What’s Good This Week

Do you guys smell that? That smell is me and I am cleeeeeean because I just showered in my own home for the first time in months. Five and a half months. One hundred and sixty-seven days, to be exact. 167 days!!! The bathroom is not done, but it’s functional, and that’s what matters. The… 

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Green vegetable pasta on a printed plate with a glass of water and a bowl of pasta in the background

6 Spring Vegetarian Recipes to Welcome the Season

Spring produce has started popping up in the stores, and after what has felt like a particularly long winter, I’m loving all of the fresh new flavours – so let’s celebrate them with these 6 Spring Vegetarian Recipes!

What’s Good This Week

1. How long can you reasonably use a set of monthly contact lenses if you’re not wearing them daily? Asking for a friend… 2. I haven’t yelled in six days. Six whole days. This is pretty major because I’m not someone who has much of a filter in the first place, and parenting a threenager… 

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banana bran muffins in a muffin tin with one muffin on a blue plate

No Sugar Banana Bran Muffins

No Sugar Banana Bran Muffins! These refined sugar free banana muffins are sweetened with nothing but bananas and dates. Made with whole wheat flour, oats, lots of bran, and studded with walnuts and banana chunks, these healthy bran muffins make a great breakfast, snack, or lunchbox treat. 

a lady with brown hair breastfeeding an infant

I Hate Breastfeeding

I hate breastfeeding and I’m here to talk about it! I thought that perhaps, somewhere, someone out there needs to hear that I – the Nutrition Lady – too, hate breastfeeding, and that it might be helpful to hear how I’m trying to get my head around stopping, even as we’re bombarded with breast is best messaging, even with 10 years of nutrition education.

What’s Good This Week

We watched the National Geographic documentary Free Solo last weekend, which is about this legitimately insane dude who does a free solo climb (all alone, no ropes or support) of the face of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. That’s 900m / 3000 feet of vertical climbing with no rope. I had legit chest pains… 

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lentil shepherd's pie on a blue plate topped with chives

Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

Lentil Shepherd’s Pie! This vegan shepherd’s pie recipe is easy to make in your Instant Pot, slow cooker, or on the stove top. Simply top with mashed potatoes for a healthy gluten-free vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie, Cottage Pie, or whatever else you want to call it! 

greek yogurt mashed potatoes in a wooden bowl with small bowls of yogurt and chives to the side

Greek Yogurt Mashed Potatoes

Greek Yogurt Mashed Potatoes is an easy and deliciously creamy healthy mashed potatoes recipe you can make ahead. Learn about the best potatoes for mashing, how to add lots of flavour, and why I love to make mashed potatoes with skin on for an extra nutritious side dish!

What’s Good This Week

My big boy turned three last week and I can hardly believe it. It seems like only yesterday he was a tiny newborn curled up on my chest, with a deeply furrowed brow and a perpetually concerned look on his face. This boy made me a mamma, and although we are in the throes of… 

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miso veggie soup in a weck jar on a grey background

Miso Veggie Soup in a Jar

This Miso Veggie Soup is the DIY instant soup recipe you’ve been waiting for! Just stuff shredded veggies into a jar with miso paste and seasonings, add boiling water, and wait 10 minutes. That’s it! You’ve got delicious vegan miso soup! Perfect for meal prep, packed lunches, and make-ahead meals. 

A Mindful Eating Exercise

Whether you have a healthy relationship with food or are working towards one, we can all benefit from mindfulness. Here’s a simple mindful eating exercise I’ve been using lately that I hope you’ll find useful.