One-Pot Lemony Kale Noodles

One-Pot Lemony Kale Noodles is a super simple vegetarian weeknight pasta dinner. Kind of like a riff on spaghetti aglio e olio with lots of kale and lemon added in, and made with lentil pasta to bump up the protein content. This is an easy vegetarian or vegan recipe.

kale noodles on a blue plate with lemons and parmesan in the background
Two glass jars with cucumber lime slush, with a grey tea towel in the background and limes, cucumbers, and mint scattered around

Cucumber Mint Slushie

Cucumber Mint Slushie – the perfect refreshing and nourishing drink for hot weather. Cucumber, mint, and lime are blended together with just a touch of honey and lots of ice for the ultimate refreshing summer drink.

a sonogram photo on a grey background with a couple of green smoothies to the side

pregnancy nutrition – the first trimester

Pregnancy Nutrition can seem daunting, especially in the first trimester when it can be tough to eat anything at all, let alone what’s considered healthy. Here are some of my tips and tricks for getting through the first trimester as best you can.

woman sitting at table on the computer

What’s Good Around The Web!

It’s time for our monthly chat about nutrition and wellness in the news, what’s going on in the world, and other bits and bobs. Pour yourself a cup of tea and join me!

two green smoothies with blue straws and a white tea towel in the background

Date Almond Smoothie

This creamy dreamy Date Almond Smoothie is thick and luscious like a milkshake, yet totally plant-based and packed with veggies. Naturally sweetened with frozen banana and dates, nutty and delicious, this is just the thing when you want something sweet but healthy. 

Hey Nutrition Baby!

We’ve got news, and the news is that another baby is on the way!

fresh and crisp summer salad rolls filled with veggies, baked tofu, and either black bean or rice noodles, and dunked in a zippy almond sauce you're sure to love //

Vegetarian Rice Paper Rolls

Fresh and vibrant Vegetarian Rice Paper Rolls made with baked tofu, summer vegetables, and black bean or rice noodles. These hand-held salads are great for picnics, packed lunches, road tripping. 

french fries on a wooden background with text overlay that says "you don't know what you don't know"

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

A friendly reminder that the way someone looks on the outside doesn’t tell us anything about how healthy they may or may not be. Let’s push back against food judgement and fat shaming in public by reminding others – and ourselves – you don’t know what you don’t know.

fried wild rice with asparagus and egg in blue bowls with chopsticks and soy sauce in the background

Asparagus Fried Rice {Fried Wild Rice}

Springtime Fried Wild Rice! Loaded with spring vegetables, tofu, edamame, and wild rice, this is a quick and easy dinner the whole family will love. Made with wild rice cooked at least a day in advance, this is a great recipe for batch cooking. 

Welcome to Hey Nutrition Lady!

Welcome to Hey Nutrition Lady! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Katie and I’m the Nutrition Lady! I’m a university-trained nutritionist with a Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition, and Health and Master of Science in Nutrition. I’m passionate about real food, a champion of body positivity and intuitive eating,… 

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lentils, pan-fried halloumi, asparagus, and avocado in a white and blue patterned bowl

Spring Vegetable Lentil Bowls

Spring Living Lentil Bowls – a light yet substantial gluten-free and easily vegan meal bowl featuring beluga lentils, spring asparagus, pan-fried halloumi cheese, avocado, pea shoots, and seeds. All of the components can be prepared in advance for a quick and easy meal.