Spicy Instant Pot Black Beans

Quick and easy No-Soak Instant Pot Black Beans! This recipe takes all of five minutes to prepare and just 25 minutes in the Instant Pot for perfectly cooked spicy black bean ragout. Serve it with tacos, over rice, or as a topping for vegan nachos.

a white bowl of instant pot black beans with some sliced avocados and tomatoes in the background
a flower-patterned drinking glass held in a woman's hand with a backyard patio in the background

What’s Good This Week

Well, we survived a week in the Stockholm archipelagos without any tick bites. Phew! Without any ticks that I KNOW OF, as I realized on my last day when I brushed one off of my arm, the little buggers are a lot smaller than I was expecting.  This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon… 

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fresh and crisp summer salad rolls filled with veggies, baked tofu, and either black bean or rice noodles, and dunked in a zippy almond sauce you're sure to love // www.heynutritionlady.com

Vegetarian Rice Paper Rolls

Fresh and vibrant Vegetarian Rice Paper Rolls made with baked tofu, summer vegetables, and black bean or rice noodles. These hand-held salads are great for picnics, packed lunches, road tripping. 

a vegetarian breakfast burrito on a white plate with cilantro in the background

Vegetarian Breakfast Burritos

These easy Vegetarian Breakfast Burritos are a healthy, freezer-friendly option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Made in one pan, loaded with veggies, scrambled eggs, and whole wheat tortillas, these are great for meal prep and make-ahead meals.

Sunset over a lake with the trees and sky reflecting on the water

What’s Good This Week

This past week I wrapped up a bunch of work projects before the summer break, and got ready to shift into vacation mode. Since we’re trying to make the best of our Swedish summer, Paul took the initiative to book a week at a summer house in the Stockholm archipelagos. We rented a car for… 

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overhead photo of teriyaki tempeh in a white bowl with a pair of black chopsticks to the side

Tempeh Teriyaki

Teriyaki Tempeh is an easy and delicious vegan meal. Make Teriyaki Tempeh bowls with steamed veggies and brown rice, stuff into wraps, or just snack on it as is.

a glass jar of vegan teriyaki sauce with a bowl of rice and some ginger and garlic in the background

Vegan Teriyaki Sauce

This simple homemade Vegan Teriyaki Sauce is quick and easy to make. Naturally sweetened and made soy free with coconut aminos, this homemade teriyaki recipe is simply the best!

a boy in a red shirt holding a drawing of a bunny

What’s Good This Week

Guys, I need your help. It’s with a basic life skill: zippers. I bought myself a new rain jacket a few weeks ago, which has come in handy since our heat wave finally broke (praise be, we can sleep again) and we’ve had a drizzly week. The problem is, I can’t zip it up. It… 

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three jars of strawberry chia jam on a grey background with some strawberries and chia seeds to the side

Strawberry Chia Jam

This Strawberry Chia Jam is made with only a handful of ingredients, is free from refined sugar, and takes just 15 minutes to make. You can make chia jam with either fresh berries or frozen fruit for a healthy low sugar homemade jam that literally anyone can make.

a lady in a grey sweater holding a green smooothie

Just Between Us

Just between us is when we get together once a month or so and say the things that you think but don’t really say. Or you do say, but only to certain people. I’ll go first, then you share in the comments and everyone will feel a whole lot better. JUST BETWEEN US… 1. I… 

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super close up photo of a bran muffin split in half

10 Years of Blogging

10 years ago today I hit publish on the first ever post on this blog. The blog, at the time, was called The Muffin Myth, and the recipe was called The Muffin That Started it All.  Although I have spent much of the last two years either updating and re-publishing old content, or culling posts… 

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