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boot at house

Hi Folks! Me here! I’m not quite back on my feet yet, but I’m getting there. I can sort of kind of walk in the air cast with the crutches taking some of the weight, and I’m hoping to go down to one crutch tomorrow. In between working, getting the project plan written for my thesis, and trying to navigate a new-to-me medical system without my doctor mom to advocate for me (‘sniff) I thought I’d pop in and tell you about my summer.

I didn’t have the summer I planned, I had the summer I had. Here’s what was awesome about it:

I got to sit and convalesce in my favourite place of all time. I had family and friends around me, and lots and lots of help. My in-laws even brought wine-on-wheels a couple of times so the happy hour could come to me! Getting in and out of the ocean wasn’t an option for me, but my mom put a plastic chair in their outdoor shower and convinced me that it was practically the same. It wasn’t, but it was still pretty awesome.

beach with boot

I couldn’t get into the ocean, but my dad put a pillow on the side of their John Deere tractor and got me down to the beach. And in style!

The thing I had been most looking forward to about my summer holiday was going out in our boat with a bunch of friends and a bunch of drinks, boating to one of our favourite spots, then just floating and hanging out. My brother convinced me that if he could carry me down the side of a mountain he could get me into the boat. And he did!

tugboat rescue

The boat ride was pretty epic. Our boat broke down (theme of my summer) just a few minutes into the ride and, after narrowly missing getting rammed by a sailboat under power (the boaters were busy on their smartphones – pay attention people!) we flagged down a 70′ commercial tugboat to rescue us. They were kind and gracious and towed us back into town. Thanks Westco Pioneer, you saved the day! Honourable mentions definitely go to our friend J-Lo, a former competitive swimmer, who dove into the water with our tow rope and attempted to do the job himself.

Katie goes to the doctor

My trip ended in Calgary for a visit with my niece and nephew. I still wasn’t up for much other than sitting with my leg elevated, but that worked out just fine. We read a lot of books, and we drank some fine, fine wine (the adults, not the kids). It was a great way to end the trip and buffer the crushing homesickness that hits every time I leave the west coast.

I was going to end this post with a recipe for the one thing I did manage to make on my holiday, but I think it’s getting a bit long. I’ll be back with the recipe soon, I promise!




  1. kellie@foodtoglow says

    Sounds like you really tried to make the best of a raw deal. Too funny about the boat ramming (not funny at the time, I suppose) – love that you were rescued by a tug 😀 I look forward to a recipe, especially as it is a sign that you are definitely more mobile than these images show! Poor you!!

    • themuffinmyth says

      The tugboat rescue was pretty epic! The recipe is from before the break, and, unfortunately, photographed only with my iphone. But my mobility is, slowly, coming back, so there will be more to look forward to soon!

  2. Leanne says

    What a disappointment, but at least it all happened in VC, where you could look forward to Wine on Wheels for entertainment and your brother for transportation … wow– he’s earned his keep, carrying you off a mountain AND onto a boat! That must be the family way, though, your parents whipping out their tractor and all. Nice hat, too! Hope that ankle is healing well and quickly : )

  3. Jess says

    This is such a fun, positive post for what I know has not been an ideal situation, Katie. Hang in with the homesickness – I know it well. Looking forward to the return of recipes once you’re more comfortable getting around the kitchen!

    • themuffinmyth says

      I know you know homesickness well too! It doesn’t hit too often, but a few times with this broken ankle I’ve had overwhelming moments of wanting my mommy. Oh well, it’s life!

  4. Oh My Veggies (@ohmyveggies) says

    I hope you are back on your feet soon! I’m sorry your summer didn’t go as planned. I kind of had a disappointing summer too, but fall is just around the corner and we can drown our sorrows in apple cider and pumpkin pancakes. 🙂

  5. Sandra @ Kitchen Apparel says

    I can’t believe your boat ride…how crazy!!! Love all the pictures…it sounds like you had some fun despite the lengths you had to go to get places (tractor ride down to the beach…most excellent!!!). Hope your recovery continues to be speedy and the medical system is easy to navigate.

  6. Kathryn says

    I’m so sorry that you didn’t quite get the summer that you planned but it seems like you really made the best of the situation particularly the invention of wine on wheels which seems like an excellent way to cope with it all! I hope the recovery continues going well xx

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