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mom's favourite recipes - a mother's day recipe roundup //

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so I thought I’d roundup some of my favourite recipes for you to make for your mom this weekend. But then I thought it would be even more interesting if I asked *my* mom, who is probably this blog’s #1 fan, to share some of her favourite recipes from The Muffin Myth instead. So, without further adieu, here is my mom’s first official appearance on The Muffin Myth with a roundup of her favourite recipes!

No Sugar Banana Branners:

no sugar banana date bran muffins //

What Mom says:  Every single ingredient is nutritious. My favourite bulk food store in Vancouver (Weigh to Go) stocks bags of pre-chopped dates which makes the recipe dead easy. The recipe is also forgiving so I often swap in bits of frozen pumpkin or applesauce if my supply of frozen bananas has dwindled. I love having the muffins frozen, ready to grab with a piece of cheese or some nuts and an apple for ferry trips back an forth to Vancouver.

(I just updated this post with new photos and a printable recipe, so be sure to check it out!)

Chocolate Yogurt Bundt Cake:


Mom says: Easy to make, looks so beautiful with or without the chocolate glaze, and tastes yummy.

Kale and quinoa salad with smoked feta:

kale and quinoa salad with smoked feta // the muffin myth

Mom says: My garden grows kale very well. I don’t particularly like it unless it’s chopped up and added to spaghetti sauce or soups. But in this salad the marinating in the dressing makes it tender and delicious. Even you-know-who who professes to dislike kale and quinoa likes this salad. It’s a complete meal. Great to make ahead and take to a pot luck.

Egg Quesadilla:


Mom says: The fastest supper in the world. Adding peppers, chopped tomatoes. spinach, cheese……before the fold over makes it the full meal deal and we have the best free range eggs here on the coast so why not use them. It’s also an extremely economical powerhouse of a meal. I use small whole wheat tortillas and make one for me and two for your dad.

(this one needs a new photo something fierce!)

Savoy Slaw With Smoked Tofu (with chickpeas):

savoy slaw with smoked tofu //

Mom says: Easy, fast, nutritious. Delicious with organic roast chicken dinner. Anne brought it for our Easter dinner this year. For someone you-know-who doesn’t like chickpeas I make it and serve it with a moist sliced chicken breast. The dressing is divine.

Mung Bean and Coconut Curry:

mung bean and coconut curry //

Mom says: Just about everyone I know made this one within a week of you posting it. I love coconut and curry. Easy to make ahead and improves the next day. I love having extras in the freezer for lazy days when I don’t want to cook.

Make and Freeze Breakfast Bars:

make and freeze breakfast bars {vegan and gluten free} //

Mom says: True confession. I made these with quite a few substitutes as I was out of chia seeds and something else. I did use the lentils and can’t remember just what else I did but they were delicious. I take one with me for after swimming if I’m not coming straight home. It keeps me away from the peanut butter cups if I find myself in the grocery store. also great for ferry trips.

Vanilla Bean Rice Pudding:


Mom says: I haven’t made this for ages but I love it’s creamy rich texture. It’s also delicious if you lower the sugar a bit and drizzle something sweet on the top. Good hot or cold, depending on my mood. It also reminds me of your earlier cooking days on W 33rd.



  1. Sarah says

    May 8, 2015 at 4:34 am

    I love that you shared your Mom’s favorites! I’ll have to tell “Grandma Feather” it was fun reading her recipe roundup when I see her this weekend… Very true about the eggs on the Coast AND the kale in her garden! Thanks for sharing Katie!

  2. Linda @ Veganosity says

    May 9, 2015 at 3:21 pm

    This a great collection Katie, and I love how you added your mom’s input. Thank you for the great post on sugar. It drives my husband (Mr. Science Guy) crazy to hear people say that they don’t eat sugar, because every food you put into your body turns into sugar. He tries to explain to them that there’s a difference in how sugars metabolize, but that sugar is sugar. They don’t get it, and it makes him a little nuts-haha! I’ll share this with him, it will make him so happy.

    • Katie Trant says

      May 9, 2015 at 4:35 pm

      It drives me crazy too! I do the most massive eye roll every time someone tells me they have or are going to give up sugar. What a bunch of nonsense!

  3. kellie@foodtoglow says

    May 12, 2015 at 12:58 pm

    What a fantastic collection, and delighted that this was curate by your wisest reader! Cute how she sneaked in a little meat to your otherwise veggie blog! She’s a sly one. You’ll need to watch her! 😉

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