Just Between Us

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Just between us is when we get together once a month or so and say the things that you think but don’t really say. Or you do say, but only to certain people. I’ll go first, then you share in the comments and everyone will feel a whole lot better.



I haven’t been sleeping very well lately. Probably due to a combination of it being so hot and life being a little bit weird, but whatever it is, I’ve been sleeping like crap. 

But, I have recently stumbled upon the weird and wonderful world of ASMR videos on YouTube and oh man is it a soothing balm to my tired soul when I can’t get to sleep. 

My favourite is this Russian ASMR, err, practitioner? who has a massive following on YouTube and a series of videos where she softly whispers while she does your hair or makeup or gives you a facial or whatever. It is strange, but gets my scalp tingling and my brain buzzing into sleep mode in no time at all. 

My favourite video is this one here, where she first brushes your hair, then sets it in rollers, then does your make up, and finishes by waving a blowdryer around your head when she knows you’re getting really sleepy. She has a setup with dual microphones so she whispers in one ear or the other, and it’s just… great. 

If you’re having trouble sleeping or just need to relax, don’t knock it till you try it. 


I’ve been working on a project lately that had to do with a machine that makes computer chips. As a colleague of mine was trying to explain this machine, he said, “something something something, because computer chips are made of silicon. You know, like Silicon Valley.”

I sat on the zoom call and said, “Ohhhhhh, right. Computer chips.” 

But privately? My little mind was being blown because up until that moment, at which point I was 41 years and 5-ish months old, I thought that “Silicon Valley” was thusly named because it had to do with boobs. 

You know, like breast implants? California? Silicon Valley? BOOBS?!

I have surveyed some friends, and apparently everyone else already knew it was about computer chips, and I am alone with the boob thing. 


Why do we often say thanks a lot, but we never say thanks a little? 

Sometimes, if someone just holds a door open or passes me a napkin, what I really mean is thanks a little. But if you find my wallet and return it to me or look after my kid so I can get something done, I have much bigger thanks to give. Like, a LOT. 


I don’t understand people who don’t eat pizza crust. Are we not universally aligned that the crust is the best part of the pizza?

Swedes tend to eat their pizza with a knife and fork, which is weird to begin with, but often if I walk past restaurants I’ll see this phenomenon where someone will have eaten and entire pizza from the inside out except for the crust. So there is just an empty ring of pizza crust, still connected entirely, with all of the middle part gone. 

Me, if I eat a pizza, you will see nary a shred of it remaining on the plate, not crust, not cheese, not anything. 


My youngest child is not quite as verbal as his older brother was at the same age, but he’s getting there in his own right. He calls Niko “Kiki”and calls himself “Onis” and it’s so adorable I hope he never learns to say either name correctly. 

One word he does say with complete precision is penis. The second his diaper comes off for a change he yells, “PENIS!” and grabs his little friend. 

The other day I was changing his diaper and he said to me very seriously, “Onis, penis. Kiki, penis. Dadda, penis. Noooooo penis Mamma.”

So, at least we are clear on that. 


  1. Jules says

    I never eat the the pizza edge crust bit, unless I’ve made the pizza myself and the toppings go right to the edge. Otherwise it’s just a waste of calories!
    Am I still allowed to get your emails?

  2. Tanya says

    Silicone Valley 😂😂 I laughed so loudly I almost woke up my 3 month old who fell asleep while breast feeding 😂

    Oh, and my 2 year old boy has the same obsession – although he still doesn’t always remember that mama doesn’t have one 😳

  3. Melissa says

    Kiki and Onis sounds like a new Studio Ghibli movie, lol.

    And, “thanks a little” sounds like a snarky adolescent meme. Grrl, your creative juices are definitely flowing!

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