Hey Nutrition Baby!

This little guy came storming into the world on Thursday October 18th at 12:40am.

And I do mean storming; a little over two hours of intense, active labour and a whopping four minutes of pushing, and suddenly we’re a family of four.

Right now we’re spending some time getting to know each other and adjusting to a new normal, which is generally going quite well. Niko is highly skeptical, as is his nature, and has declared, “He’s not cute. I don’t like him.” Which, you know, is kind of fair.

I’m going to be re-posting some seasonal favourites over the next week or so while we get settled, and then I’ll be back with a birth story, a name (there has been some drama in that department), and some new tasty recipes.

In the mean time I’ll be inhaling that sweet baby smell, trying to catch up on sleep, and powering through my stash of freezer meals.



  1. kellie@foodtoglow says

    Well, this is the best thing in my inbox today! Many congratulations to you all. Enjoy these intense days (& nights!) bonding and settling into this new phase in all of your lives. Gorgeous wee thing. All best wishes to you, Paul, Nico and little one xx

  2. Angela says

    Congrats!! What an absolute sweetheart. <3
    Niko's comment made me laugh and remember the day we told my daughter that she was getting a baby sibling (she instantly BAWLED and it was all caught on camera…bahah).

    • Katie Trant says

      Thanks Angela! Niko was apparently super proud when he told his friends at daycare about his new baby brother, but when it came to actually meeting him he wasn’t so sure. It seems like your two are good friends now, and I think the age spread is similar, so hopefully things will turn around with time!

  3. Linda from Veganosity says

    Congratulations!!! He’s adorable! Nico’s reaction made me laugh out loud. When my mom brought my brother home from the hospital (53 years ago. Gulp), I was outraged because he wasn’t a puppy. LOL! Clearly I loved animals as much as people even when I was two. I’m looking forward to reading his birth story. Take care, mama!

  4. Michelle says

    OMG KATIE!! Congratulations on the addition of such a beautiful little nugget to your family! Nico’s reaction is perfection–as the oldest of 3…I get it! It’s funny, throughout the day on the 18th I thought to myself that I was forgetting something or missing something important. I checked and rechecked both my calendar app and my real life one on the wall only to find nothing. So I have no other choice but to believe THIS must have been it, haha! Wishing you a recovery that’s as speedy as his entrance and more love and laughter than you ever thought possible!

    • Katie Trant says

      I get it too! I’m the oldest of 4 and didn’t take too kindly to becoming an older sibling. I worked hard to prepare him for this, and hopefully with time they’ll become best buds!

  5. Leesa says

    As I have finished laughing at Nico’s reception of his brother, I can now say congratulations to you and your family of four! I love to follow your stories and your recipes. Enjoy these first chaotic, exhausting, exhilarating days together. And do try and sleep. Sending you all good wishes!

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