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This little man came storming into our lives almost two weeks ago, in the wee hours of March 1st, 2016. He avoided being a leap day baby by a matter of hours, but when he decided he was ready to come he charged out at break-neck speed, clearly taking after his father and attempting to set the course record.

I’m in awe of the whole experience; the intensity of it, how primal it was, and how my body and brain just seemed to know what to do. For the most part I was on a journey all of my own although I was vaguely aware of people buzzing around me. Paul, having diligently practiced the exercises from our birthing class was relegated to the background, his primary task updating my family overseas as things progressed. But critically, and thankfully, he was there to drag the nurse and midwife into the room the moment I screamed about feeling the head, and a matter of just a few minutes later I had my beautiful baby boy in my arms and we were a family of three. Just like that.


His name is Niko, short for Niklas, and we are so in love. So far he’s been a mellow little dude, and we’ve been having a great time getting to know each other better. We’re captivated by all the adorable little noises he makes, the jerky movements of his arms and legs, and the ferocity with which he’ll throw himself into position for nursing – message received, little man. I’ve consciously slowed right down, and rather than rushing to settle my boy so I can get to some mundane task or another, I’ve been soaking up the cozy milk-drunk moments with him curled up on my chest, running my hand up and down his tiny spine in complete disbelief that I made this person and he’s finally here.

I’m sure you’ll understand why things continue to be quiet around here for a while more.



  1. Erika says

    Oh. My GOSH!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve missed so much being out of touch in the blog world!!!!!!! SO MANY CONGRATULATIONS KATIE, HE’S GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU OMGGGGG

  2. Erin says

    Congratulations!! He is looking so much beautiful & people looking great. Many wishes for your new life & hopefully your life will be fill up full of rejoice. Congratulations again!!

  3. Kate says

    He’s so so so gorgeous. And every single one of your words resonates – the delivery, the primal way it all takes place, the happy milky moments. Big love from this side of the ocean and our own little man 🙂 xoxo

  4. Leslie says

    Congrats to you and Paul! Enjoy your precious moments with baby —– time goes too fast and your babies grow up before you know it.

  5. Mary Aronson says

    Welcome to parenthood! It’s a wonderful, exciting, exhausting, exhilarating, and more journey! Enjoy every moment!

    • Jeni Nunnally says

      When my three children had their children (eleven total) I was always called (sometimes across country) for the newly infant stage. I loved it. There is something magical about being summoned in the middle of the night and it’s just the two of you, all sweet and contented. I know it gets old fast when you wonder if you’ll ever get to sleep through the night again. But, life does speed along at breakneck speed, and this part of your life will be over soon. Just ask Niko.

  6. Gloria says

    Congratulations Katie and Paul! Welcome Niko! You’re adorable. Enjoy the precious moments and forget everything else!

  7. Taylor Milburn-Salytchev says

    Congratulations Katie! It’s a very special time enjoy every moment of it as it also has a way of making time fly by at break-neck speed! My ‘babies’ are now 18, 7, and 3!
    Best wishes!


  8. Jess says

    Congratulations! My wee guy is 14 weeks old and I already miss him as a newborn <3 cherish every moment and when it's tough, remind yourself it all passes so quickly xx

  9. Linda@Veganosity says

    Congratulations to you and your beautiful family. Niko is precious and your heartfelt story brought tears to my eyes as I remembered those feelings from my own two children. Soak up every blessed moment of motherhood. There’s nothing like it.

  10. Marian Heelan says

    Congrats, Niko’s gorgeous. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! It’ll pass so fast. You can never take enough time to be with him.
    Lots of love and best wishes to the three of you xxx

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